4 Luxury Home Decor To Wow Your Guests


    Luxury home shows can be so addictive. There is something so fascinating about seeing how financially endowed some individuals live.

    At the show's start, the TV host usually walks up to an imposing mansion, with an equally imposing door. The homeowner opens the door to reveal a stunning space, usually leading to a sweeping staircase. On entry, the home decor reveals excellent taste and sometimes a touch of opulence.

    Evidently, what rich people may have at their disposal is tons of money. They have the financial might to hire interior decorators, who may charge anywhere from $50 to $500 per hour.

    Clearly, not everyone can afford that, but it doesn’t mean that you can't have some luxury decor items in your home. It all comes down to knowing what to buy, where to shop, and how to display them. Read on for some fantastic ideas.

    Luxury Home Decor

    1. Artistic Displays of Beauty Accessories and Jewelry


    Do you put all your jewelry in a box or shove them in the drawer? If yes, you know how frustrating it can be to get pieces out when you need them. 

    The necklaces end up in lumps or knots. In some instances, untangling them becomes an exercise in futility. Let's not even talk about the earrings. If you are lucky enough to find the pair, the backs will likely be missing. 

    Well, it is time to borrow a leaf from luxury homeowners. Their jewelry displays are worthy of a second and third look. You can do the same for your beautiful accessories, so that they become part of the room decor. There are tons of simple solutions you can create or even buy.

    Display Them

    A ring dish, for example, is ideal for holding rings when you are not wearing them. The finger-like extensions are a work of art in themselves. You can even get a lockable jewel box with a glass display for the more prized possessions.

    Lock Them Up

    You can mount a cabinet with lockable glass doors. Beautiful diamond engagement rings are sentimental and cost a pretty penny. You want to ensure they stay safe when no one is wearing them.

    Hang Them

    Use decorative hooks and chains to hang your costume jewelry. Create an artistic display along the wall to immediately draw the eyes to it. You never have to worry about untangling necklaces again. The other option is to use the neck stands, like the picture above. They will look great in the glass display as well.

    Check out online stores for some luxury jewelry display stands or racks. You are sure to get something that will wow your guests.

    2. Splurge On Your Bathroom

    Bathroom Decor

    Who would have ever thought that the bathroom would evolve to a level of being a conversation-worthy space? Modern bathrooms have evolved beyond simple functionality. Simple luxury items can transform the area by introducing a wow factor.

    Freestanding Tub

    Make a statement with a freestanding tub. They bring in a touch of elegance, luxury, and sophistication. With so many options, you can get the right size even without tons of space. A Japanese soaking tub, for instance, is smaller than standard tubs. You should go for a high-quality material like marble or copper.

    Fluffy Towels and Mats

    Stock up on plenty of large fluffy towels. The bathtub experience will not be complete if you have to use a thin, scratchy towel afterward. Display the towels on a rack or fold them on open shelves, and do the same for the bathmat. A large fluffy mat will further enhance the luxury feel.

    Lighting and Seating

    Don't overlook the lighting. Placing sconce lights around the vanity is one idea. It will make the vanity a focal point. Mood lights can set the perfect ambiance when soaking in your freestanding tub.  

    If you have space, put in some seats in the bathroom. You may not use them that much, but it is the ultimate symbol of style and luxury.


    Choose stylish, modern faucets, and showerheads. Waterfall showers will make you feel like you are bathing in the rain. Some have additional features like jets for that extra fun when showering.

    3. Pick the Right Furniture


    The furniture you have in the home can make a huge difference. Antiques, for instance, are unique. You avoid having mass-produced pieces in your home. True, they may be hard to find, but it is not impossible.

    What you need to do is become a flea market expert. It is possible to find some pretty amazing stuff, including mirrors, lamps, sofas, and much more.

    Don’t forgo a good find because it looks a little worse for the wear. A little TLC can bring out the original beauty. An antique sofa may only need some sanding, polishing, or re-upholstery. There are refurbishing experts who can take care of the job for you.

    The other option is to visit specialty stores. The collectors have done the hard work of finding the right stuff. You may pay a little more, but it will save you time.

    4. Include Plants in Your Décor

    Indoor Plants

    Plants have a way of making a home more liveable. Let’s take a trip back to science class for a minute. Plants, unlike humans, take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. What you get is a natural air purifier whose only cost is occasional watering and fertilizer. We also can't argue with the aesthetic aspect as well.

    With plants, you have no limit to what you can have in the home. Hang or place them in different positions within the room. Of course, take time to research the plants first. You must ensure that you get indoor plants. Do take note of the factors like sunlight needs. Some will need direct sunlight, while others can thrive in shady areas. We would say the bigger, the better. Choose beautiful pots and planters to bring out the beauty of the plants.

    Final Thoughts

    You don’t have to deplete your savings account to get luxury home décor. One or two good pieces can transform your house and wow guests.

    Jewelry displays help with organizing your favorite beauty accessories. Yet, they can also add to the room décor. Bring in the spa feel with the super luxurious freestanding tub. Pick unique pieces of furniture and other accessories instead of mass-produced store items. Finally, a touch of nature within the home using plants will transform the space.

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