How To Maintain Your Home HVAC System


    The Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning system are also known as the HVAC system. The main job of the HVAC system is to keep your house cool in the summers and warm in the winters. The cooling of your house depends on the air-conditioner and the heating depends on the furnace or the heat pump. There are interior and exterior units for both the air-conditioning and heating systems. 

    Your local HVAC company can help you with any repairs if they are needed. Here we look at how to maintain the HVAC system so you will need minimal renovation to the system.
    How To Maintain Your Home HVAC System

    9 Phase About How To Maintain Your Home HVAC System

    Phase 1:

    There are several risks and hazards of working with electrical appliances if they are switched on. The first thing to do is to switch off the power to the unit before undertaking any maintenance. There will be a switch on the exterior compressor/condenser unit. Make sure it is switched off. Also, on the main switchboard, switch off the circuit breaker which provides power to the HVAC system.

    Phase 2:

    Take off the fan cage on the exterior unit. This can be done by opening the fasteners with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the fan cage to expose the interior of the system.

    Phase 3:

    Clean the interior of the device using a wet/dry vacuum. Before using the vacuum remove any debris or leaves that may be in the way.

    Phase 4:

    Remove the exterior cover to expose the fins of the apparatus. An industrial vacuum with the brush attached to it should be used to remove dirt from the outside. With a water hose slowly spray water from inside out through the fins.

    Do not use a pressure washer because it will damage the fins rendering them useless. You can also get fin cleaning sprays from home improvement stores to clean the fins. Follow the directions on the spray.

    Phase 5:

    Check to see if any of the fins are bent or dented. Use a commercially available fin-straightening tool to straighten any bent or dented fins. Be careful not to damage the tubing behind the fins.

    Phase 6:

    Install the new fan cage making sure that it is connected properly. Make sure no trees are cutting into the area of the unit. Everything should be at least 2 feet away from the unit.

    Phase 7:

    Position the unit so that it sits fully horizontal to the ground. If this is the first time that you are performing this maintenance there is a good chance that the unit may be out-of-level. You can set rot-resistant-shims under the system to bring it into the horizontal position.

    Phase 8:

    The evaporator coil will be on the inside furnace/blower unit. It will be enclosed with an evaporator coil door. It might be closed off with screws, bolts, or aluminum duct tape. Using the necessary tools for the job open the evaporator coil door and clean the inside with a soft brush. 

    Use an industrial coil cleaner spray to clean the coil. Using hot water, soap, and some bleach clean the drain pan and return it to its original position

    Phase 9:

    Switch on the circuit breaker that supplies power to the HVAC system. For safety reasons let the circuit breaker stay on for at least two hours before switching on the device.

    A Word of Advice:

    A professional HVAC maintenance company takes all these steps to ensure the device runs smoothly. Do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance if you feel like you cannot complete the process on your own.

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