How To Make A Boombox At Home


    Want to make an easy, lighter, louder, and high beat boom box at home? So, just gather all the old speakers, tape, wires, a wooden box along with a battery, radio or an MP3, and switches. You are all PREPARED.

    Stick to your seats, all the MUSIC lovers!

    Making a boombox is an interesting activity. Most people love making such music systems at home. They are quite long-lasting, durable, and sturdy. Moreover, to make a complete boombox music system, small and big wires, and other components are connected.

    The Boombox is a combination of different items that will give you a perfect sound, quality beat, and perfect audibility.
    how to make a boombox

    What Do You Need To Make A Boombox?

    You need to have all the essential materials to make a sound-filled boombox in a few hours:

    • A wooden box in a block form
    • MP3 or a radio
    • Magnet
    • Extra connecting wires and wiring scheme
    • Screws, bolts, nuts, and other tools
    • A power supply voltage
    • Voltage sockets
    • 2x Speakers switch plus speakers
    • 1x Antenna
    • White/ silver sheets
    • Protective film
    • A conductor, 1x Charging Control
    • A good electrical connection
    • Wood chest
    • 1x Ac Socket

    DIY Boombox:

    Let’s get started!

    First Thing Firsts:

    a) Measure The Dimensions Of The Box

    Take a measuring tape, woodcutter, and other tools that can help you to make an accurate box. Plus, measure the thickness, length, width, and height of the box. So, cut it accordingly.

    Moreover, the box should have a perfect fit, so that all the components can easily fit in. You should keep in mind the original capacity of the box that will make a well-formed stereo system.

    Besides, every boom box has its size, shape, and dimension that gives a professional effect.

    b) Powered Car Radio Installation

    Thinking about the best car radio that would be appropriate to install in the boombox player. Thus, it is good to use a 6600 step car radio that needs to be powered by 12 volts plus 7.2 amp batteries. However, you can also use other lead batteries that are powerful and a perfect fit for the stereo system.

    Car radio can differ from type to type and form to form, however, you may select any car radio for your box. Moreover, you can order the radio from any online site as well. It’s good to have a Bluetooth option on the car radio so that you can easily play music on your stereo. Also, car radio comes with various components like;

    • A remote control
    • Main connecting cable
    • Installation plates
    • Manual

    c) What Type Of Speakers Will Be Beneficial For The Boombox

    Two separate speakers are required to be attached to the end or edge of the chest box. Besides, you can also fit Bluetooth speakers as well. Also, you should install a portable and powerful speaker that produces a monstrous sound.

    Moreover, select the speakers with the highest hitting base. The plus point is that it should be waterproof and suitable for producing rocking music. Furthermore, 17 centimeters and 40-watt speakers can be used in a boom box.

    That is preferable for a small size and a big size boom box. Certainly, other designs and features of speakers can also be used by you for good sound and music quality.

    All you have to do is connect the B3 or B4 of the car radio wire connectors to the speakers. BOOM, half work is done!

    d) Lead Batteries

    For this boombox player, 2x lead batteries can be attached that ensures better functioning. Plus, it can be connected to the radio or MP3 system as well. Lead-acid batteries are specially designed to support the boombox stereo system. It functions professionally and efficiently.

    e) Circuit System

    Before anything, set and fix your circuit system. Plus, check the connectivity issue and setting procedure.

    Moreover, before fixing everything within the wooden chest box, do check the connection and circuit beforehand. Also, the connection of wires is the most important part of drawing a circuit to play the music.

    f) Accumulate The Components

    Finally, you have to arrange and mount all the components in the wood chest box and connect it through wires. Relocation of the components is not an easy task, but you should take help from various learning sites or while watching YouTube videos.

    How To Make A Boombox, Successfully?

    Feeling good about making your very own Boombox! But here’s more for you to learn:

    Always use the best components that are made up of good quality material, so that they are reliable. Moreover, you can also make use of plexiglass that is easily found at home.

    Tip 1:

    You can paint the components and enclosure for better results.

    Besides, the Amp board and plexiglass are the essential materials that highly support the working of the stereo. Plus, it makes sure that the wiring is done appropriately to prevent any missing or short circuits.

    Wiring the back or front panel is also an important step that needs to be done. However, you can wire the lead used in the making of the boombox due to which it will perform well.

    Tip 2:

    Do not forget to label the lead wires on the panel when connecting it to the system.


    Still lying at the stage to learn how to make a boombox without any help or assistance. Then this is the right platform for you to know all the basic information that is required to make a successful boombox.

    If you want to make a legit stereo system at home, then it's good to use quality wires that will work for a long time. Moreover, it will look good as well when arranged inside the wooden chest.

    Plus, if you want your boombox to look attractive, then you should use a metallic sheet or paint.

    Good representation means good performance!

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