How Do I Know If My Garbage Disposal Needs To Be Replaced?


    There are several reasons that can cause your garbage disposal not to work properly. How will you know if you need to replace or repair the garbage disposal? Replacing means that you have to uninstall the current garbage disposal and install a new one.

    If you have tried several measures and still your garbage disposal doesn’t work, you need to replace it. The following are some tips that will help you know if you need to replace your garbage disposal.

    Garbage Disposal

    When You Have To Press the Reset Button Severally

    What comes to your mind when you have to press the reset button of your garbage disposal severally? Probably it is faulty, and it is time to replace. It is not a surprise for you to push a reset button several times after heavy loading of your garbage disposal. It is, however, a surprise when you have to reset over and over again. This can be as a result of a faulty motor of the garbage disposal unit.

    Failing of the motor means poor functionality of the garbage disposal, and it is time that you should replace the garbage disposal.

    You Cannot Eliminate Bad Smell

    You can experience a bad odor from your garbage disposal unit. Therefore, after this, you intend to maintain the freshness of the wastes by some mechanisms possible. Maybe the use of ice cubes, citrus peels, or even baking soda. All these might be in vain.

    If the smell fails to go away, odor stuck it could be the odor stuck in between the passageway of the garbage disposal. You can get rid of the bad smell by replacing the garbage disposal.

    Dull Blades

    Sharp blades cut materials faster. When the garbage disposal is still new, the blades are sharp, and therefore it performs tasks faster. So there will be no problems when it comes to cutting food material.

    However, with time, you might realize that it takes a long time duration for food to be grounded or more food is frequently jammed in the garbage disposal. This is a sign that the blades are becoming dull and not sharp enough to grind the waste in time. This is an indicator that you need to replace the garbage disposal.

    Noisy Unit

    Does your garbage disposal make some unnecessary noise but does not come to life? This happens in case there is a faulty motor.

    In case of a non-functional motor, the garbage disposal unit receives electric current, but it does not function but rather makes unnecessary noise. When your garbage disposal is in such condition, it doesn't grind any food.

    It is pricey to replace a motor of garbage disposal. It is almost equal to the price of a new unit. Therefore, in case of a non-functional motor it is a high time that you replace your garbage disposal unit.

    Water Leaks from the Garbage Disposal

    When your garbage disposal is frequently leaking, it is an indicator that there are cracks on the bottom side of the unit. We all understand the wear and tear of things we interact within our day to day life.

    Therefore, as a result of wear and tear, the bottom of the garbage disposal might develop some leakage portals. Some times after frequent fixing of such cracks from time to time will not help, so the only solution is to replace the garbage disposal.

    Frequent Clogging

    There are two main reasons why you can experience clogging of your garbage disposal unit. These can either be, the blades are no longer sharp enough, or the garbage disposal is too small to suit your needs.

    In case of blunt blades, the garbage disposal gets congested and can cause more clog in the passageway pipes.

    Your garbage disposal might get congested as a result of overload. You might be using a small garbage disposal to perform a larger task than it can handle. When the garbage disposal is frequently congested, it is high time that you get it replaced.

    Final Words

    From the article, it is not a good idea to leave garbage disposal in a bad state or even overwork it. For a piece of equipment to serve better, you need to know its life span as well as the amount of work it can handle. It is therefore vital to know when to replace your garbage disposal. After garbage disposal replaced, it is important to ensure you follow the right measures to extend the life of the new unit.

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