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Occidental Leather Tool Belt Reviews – Must Check!!!


    How much do you value occidental leather belts? Do you consider such tools in perfection and completion of tasks? Well, let’s look into the occidental leather tool belt reviews to equip ourselves with information on this tool. Besides, belts are similar: they work well for everyone! We also tend to get tired at work and might not end up finishing the job. Whether it is a simple or hard task, keep in mind that you have to complete it. This article comprises of some of the best Occidental Leather Tool Belt Reviews in the market.

    Nevertheless, most types of manual works need a belt that is fit to withstand whatever tasks are thrown at it. Let's now get into the review of some of these belts. Check them out!

    Let's Check Occidental Leather Tool Belt Review

    occidental leather tool belt

    1. Occidental Leather 5590 M

    It is an outstanding occidental belt in the market with great and unique features. It comes with adjustable belts that enhance the durability of wear. Even if you add some pounds, the belt will still fit perfectly.

    However, its leather takes some time to loosen up. It may bring about some difficulties when you try to fit the more important tools in the occidental leather pouches.

    Highlight Features

    Features quality material

    The leather looks good and high on the belt. It features a thick material that is of high quality, which serves for long. It works well and can withstand all the climatic changes.

    Offers effective functionality

    You don't have to worry about its operations as it comes with 37 efficient compartments. In short, its design makes sure that you have enough space for every tool that is handy while at work.

    It is sturdy

    With its ability to carry even bigger tools, the belt distributes the weight equally, making it easy to carry. It can withstand the pressure of the tools and does not wear up.

    Comes in a perfect size

    It comes in a small size that is suitable for electrical work. With its size, you can carry it around easily. The size gives it a simple look.

    Light in weight

    It is good to find a belt that you can easily carry. With this, you can complete much work in less time since the tools are easily accessible.


    • It comes with 37 compartments
    • Has a pretty simple design
    • Offers comfortability on the body
    • Its easily adjustable
    • It comprises of a durable, high-quality material


    • Some might be considerate bulky for finish and maintenance works

    2. Occidental Leather 9596

    The tool is straightforward and easy to use.it is an adjustable belt that you can correctly adjust to fit well on your body. The belt suits electricians as its design suit them. The holders will help you to arrange your tools and pliers neatly. It has more spaces that give you comfortability when in use.

    Highlight Features

    Offers a larger space

    It has compartments that create space for more tools. The holders have a pretty design that gives easy accessibility to the devices when working. It has the capacity to carry a large number of electrical activities.

    Has a high-quality material

    It comes with a leather material that is of high quality. The leather tool belt pouches are one of the best electrician belts in the market. Its quality does not scratch too.

    Has an ergonomic design

    Its design is pretty simple and easy to use. You can easily find the tools from the compartments as it is easy to access. The design is also eye-catching as it gives you the capability to carry all the tools.


    Its lightweight makes the belt easy to carry. When you wear it, you can easily take it around while at work. It helps to enhance efficiency at work.

    Strong and durable

    Its material is strong to withstand any climatic condition at your workshop. The durable leather material can serve for long years without a tear. It is the perfect material for electricians.


    • It is durable and lightweight
    • The holders' design is easily accessible
    • It comes in a high-quality material
    • The belts can adjust to fit properly


    • It tends to be more expensive

    Frequently Asked Questions

    a) What is the best leather tool belt?

    There is a variety of leather tool belt that comes with different features and uniqueness. Both of the leather belts are great, and you don't have to choose one over the other. Consider your preferences and then get something that suits your needs. To select the best tool belt, you always have an idea of the essential features to keep in mind.

    b) What is Occidental Leather?

    It is a product material that emphasizes on the importance of its design, and that interconnects with its functions. The content is a cowhide that is the full-grain, which blends with special oils and waxes. It is a high-quality material that is durable. 

    c) How do you break in a leather tool belt?

    You should start by smoothing the grain-like leather to make it loosen easily. Then fill the pouches with nuts. It helps to wear the pouches regularly. After that, you can wear that belt remember to spray the belt with a mild liquid. You can consider soaking the belt with liquid soap. Finally, you can consider oiling the pouches with some oil to help soften them. Then wear them on a separate tool belt.

    Final Verdict

    Most of the electrical tool belts come with different unique features. Some of the home depot tool belts stand out in the market. Therefore, you should importantly consider a tool belt that can carry all the essential tools correctly daily. Additionally, you should find the quality of the leather material to enhance durability.

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