A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Holster For Your Self-Defense Revolver


    When you are buying your first self-defense revolver, it is crucial that you give equal importance to the accompanying holster, as they allow you to carry your firearm safely and comfortably, and are designed to let you use it even in a hurry.

    Top Taurus Judge holsters, for instance, are a practical choice, with comfort and effectiveness being their strong points.

    Your holster secures your weapon to your body. Hence, it is a critical piece of gear. Investing in poorly designed and ineffective holsters is a risky proposition. Your choice of a quality holster deserves serious contemplation and research.

    Perfect Holster For Your Self-Defense Revolver

    Essential Considerations

    Purchasing a holster as an afterthought is not recommended as not all holsters are made of high-quality material and work like they’re supposed to.

    For instance, Top Taurus Judge Holsters are designed to ensure the ease of handling your gun and get you set for action. Besides safely securing your weapon, they allow you complete control over your revolver.

    Here are the factors you must consider before purchasing your holster:

    Retention Level

    A higher retention level makes it challenging for someone else to remove your weapon from its holster against your will. Also, your firearm is less likely to fall off due to vigorous physical activity like running, stretching, etc.

    At the same time, your holster should not stop you from accessing your revolver when you actually need it, so aim for a compatible match.

    The right retention level is achieved when the holster accommodates the different contours of your pistol to facilitate a secure fit. Shape molding and friction are the two aspects the holder relies on here. Your goal should be to source a holster that makes it easy for you to grab your revolver while also being secure enough to ensure it doesn’t slip out.

    Trigger Protection

    Check if the holster covers your trigger guard and prevents foreign objects from causing any issues. Rigid holster material will not protrude nor depress the trigger, thus ensuring your weapon won’t fire unless you fire it. This reduces the probability of accidents.

    There were nearly 500 accidental deaths due to guns in the US in 2019 alone. It is estimated that most of these were avoidable. Having the right holster is important as it can keep you from accidentally firing your gun.

    Your revolver should only activate when you choose to fire with it and grip it with that intent. The positioning of the holster should not endanger you while you attempt to remove your weapon from it.

    Facilitate Swift Removal Of The Weapon

    Being able to precisely retrieve your revolver from its holster, whether you are sitting, standing, or in motion, without having to first check its position, is of utmost importance, and determines how useful your revolver can be for self-defense.

    It is dangerous to have your gun upside-down when you draw it out. Ideally, the holster should allow you to draw your weapon out using just one hand. You also want to make sure you’re able to use either hand to draw your revolver from the holster.

    If you’re too busy tugging at your holster to access your pistol, it puts you at a grave disadvantage, and may even endanger your life as your attacker has time to understand what you’re trying to do.

    Also, if you have to exert extra force to release the revolver from its holster, the latter proves impractical, especially if you lack the physical strength.

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