Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor Review


    Need to make your exercise sessions smarter by monitoring your heart rate while at it? The Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor review would be an ideal option for you. This heart rate monitor is specially featured to enable you keep track of your heart rate to ensure that you have safe exercise sessions within the right intensity. Basically, how the heart rate monitor works is by giving feedback on your heart beat per minute on its display. More to that is that this pulse monitor is very accurate thus it enables you monitor you exercise intensity accordingly. To begin with, here is a description table of the main features of this pulse monitor.

    Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

    Details of Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor review


    5 x 4 x 3 inches


    3.52 ounces

    Wrist band size:

    8.5 inches

    Battery Type:

    1 CR123A batteries


    Coded heart rate transmission, easy to read display, one button starts, accurate heart rate results, transmitter chest strap

    Review Points of Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

    Below is a detailed look at the incredible features that come with the Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor.

    Ease of Use:

    If you are involved in regular exercise, you must have come across some kind of heart rate monitors that come with a bunch of unnecessary complex features which in turn make the user experience a bit complicated. This monitor is designed with a large display that allows you to view your heart rate details without struggle. Precisely, the data is boldly displayed to ensure that you don’t have to slow down your exercise while checking on your workout results.

    Comfortable Chest Strap:

    The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor is designed with a heart rate transmitter chest strap that ensures that only your heart rate is picked and not that of other people near you. To provide you with maximum comfort, the chest strap is designed with a smooth comfortable material. It also fits well into the shape of the body. To your relief, it is also hand washable. To fit varying heights of different individuals, the strap comes with M to XXL sizes. Particularly, the strap fits 30-45 inches thus a suitable one for most grownups.

    Heart beat target Zones:

    The target zone capability enables you to work out within your training needs. The heart beat can be set in two ways which include beats per minute, the heart rate reserve percentage, or your maximum heart rate percentage.


    To provide you with details on your previous workouts, this polar ft1 heart rate monitor is designed with a memory. This way you can be able to monitor your exercise progress closely and get to see where you can improve on to acquire your targeted exercise results.

    Wrist Band:

    The wrist band is 8.5 inches long, which fits into the hands of most people. Note that the indicated wristband length is from the last hole of the band to the end of the rubber. For average-size wrists, the band will never be hard on your skin.


    The battery is long lasting and is only replaceable by the manufacturer. When the battery dies, you will need to send the device back to the manufacturer for replacement. That is not a popular thing among buyers.


    The main purpose of this monitor is to help you track the intensity of your exercise sessions to ensure that you do it safely. With this, the heart rate monitor features an alarm that alerts you every moment you exceed the intended workout intensity. This way you are able to determine when you need to slow down while exercising.

    Great Design:

    You do not only need an accurate heart rate monitor, but also one that looks great on your wrist. In regards to this, this polar ft1 heart rate monitor comes in an attractive design that gives a great classic look even while exercising.

    User Manual:

    This is not the kind of a heart rate monitor that needs technical know how to operate. With the polar ft1 manual, you will be able to handle the monitoring unit pretty easily.

    Data Points:

    When done with your exercise, the watch provides three data points that include: time consumed during the exercise, average heart rate, and maximum heart rate results. Other than being able to monitor your heart rate, this average heart rate data point makes it possible to track your calorie burn by online means since weight and age input is not provided.


    The chest strap provided transmits data in a coded transmission to ensure that the data collection is not interfered with from other devices’ signals. This way the data provided is quite accurate.

    Heart Touch:

    To make your exercise sessions more convenient, you definitely won’t need to press a button every moment you need to access some training information. With this in mind, Polar FT1 is designed with a heart touch feature that enables you to access the training data without having to press a button. For instance, if you need to view the current time; all you need to do is bring the watch close to the chest strap and the time will come on display for a number of seconds.

    Water Resistant:

    You don’t have to worry while working out in wet weather conditions because the heart rate monitor is waterproof up to 30ml.

    What’s in the box?:

    Once you purchase this watch, it is delivered to you with a FT1 starting guide, polar FT1 training computer and a coded transmitter.


    One thing that will make your exercise sessions very productive is comfort because it keeps you at ease to give your best. You will love it for being comfortable on wrists and the chest as well as ease of use. Basically, there is no kind of stress that’s felt from the wrist band or the chest strap provided.

    Top Features:

    • Alarm
    • 3 data points
    • Great accuracy
    • Heart Touch
    • FTI starting guide
    • Easy to use display
    • Heart rate target zones
    • Water Proof up to 30ml
    • Comfortable wrist band and chest strap
    • It is designed with a comfortable wrist band and a chest monitor that provides a user-friendly experience while exercising.
    • In case you exceed the set workout intensity level, the alarm featured along will keep you alerted.
    • The user display provided is quite easy to use and displays the data in large numbers so that you don’t strain while checking it out.
    • Operating this exercise watch is just a walk in the park with the FTI starting guide provided by Polar.
    • The user is able to check on time without having to press a button thanks to the heart touch button.
    • The watch enables you to get data on time consumed, maximum heart rate and average heart rate with the three data function that’s provided.
    • Not only does the watch enable you to watch your heart rate levels, but it’s also beautifully designed to give you a good image.
    • The watch is purely meant for monitoring heart rate, if you need any other functions like calorie count or distance travelled, you need to get another type.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Does it measure calorie burn?

    A: No. It is purely a heart monitor. However, the data average heart rate obtained from the heart rate monitor can be used online to get calorie burn.

    2. Will I need to purchase a chest band for the monitor or is it provided by polar?

    A: Yes, a chest strap is provided and it is so comfortable on the body that won’t even notice that you are wearing it.

    3. Can I use the watch in wet conditions?

    A: As indicated by the manufacturer, you can use it but not that it is only 30ml water proof.

    4. I also have a Polar FT4 that I have been using. Is the FT1 chest strap compatible with it?

    A: Yes, all Polar straps are compatible a ture.

    4. Is Polar FT1 really good?

    A: Yes.

    Our Verdict

    Being one of the best monitoring devices, this polar ft1 is one of the most popular choice among users that need an affordable and effective heart rate device. It is easy to use and provides maximum accuracy thus enabling you to keep track of your exercise intensity. If you are convinced that this heart rate monitoring watch is ideal for you, just purchase it today and get guided and motivated in all your work out sessions.

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