Preparing The Interior For Fall: 7 Ideas


    Summer has come to an end, which means that now is the time to stock up on warm blankets, hot tea and kindle a fireplace. We've put together simple tips to help you make your home cozier and cope with the autumn blues.

    Preparing The Interior For Fall

    The seasonal design of the room is based on three main elements: decor items typical of the season, characteristic colors of autumn and special materials. Home fragrances can be added to the list of key details.

    It is clear that smells can radically change the perception of space. To do this, you can place bouquets of flowers in the house. It can be both autumn flowers like chrysanthemums and asters in warm autumn shades, as well as the classic bouquet of roses. Chat with a florist, they will help you put together an autumn composition. Also, spicy perfume compositions with warm notes are ideal for autumn interiors: cardamom, sandalwood, tobacco, ginger. But aroma is still an addition, let's move on to the main techniques and elements.

    #1. Textiles In Shades Of Autumn

    Embrace autumn by surrounding yourself with deep greens, blues, grays and ocher tones, as well as soft, heavy fabrics like wool and velvet that will keep you warm and cozy on chilly evenings.

    Textiles in red and yellow tones give the interior a seasonal style. Pay attention to the ornaments: this autumn, pillows and bedspreads are relevant, as if borrowed from Indian wigwams – always made of natural coarse fabric, decorated with metal details, fringe, braid.

    A cozy large-knit merino wool blanket will also fit perfectly into the fall interior – throw it on a sofa or armchair. Delicate, soft, hypoallergenic and very stylish – just what you need for the autumn interior.

    #2. Сandles And Natural Decor

    With the advent of autumn, more and more people want to gather with family and friends by the fireplace. If a real fireplace in an apartment is more like a fantasy, then a decorative fireplace with many candles is an affordable reality. You can experiment with the shape and size of candles.

    From the decor, choose something from the gifts of autumn: dried flowers, branches with berries and other components suitable for ikebana. This is the easiest and most affordable way to decorate seasonally. You can prepare and compose an autumn composition yourself without any financial costs.

    #3. Some Wood

    The main materials of autumn decor, in addition to textiles, include wood of all colors and textures, glass and ceramics. In the seasonal collections of brands specializing in interior design products, you can choose decor items for every taste. Vases, mirrors and posters in wooden frames, tableware, lamps, candlesticks – even a couple of items are enough to create an autumn mood in the house.

    #4. Pumpkin Decor

    Pumpkins are relevant in home decor not only for Halloween, but throughout the fall season. Their positive orange color will brighten up the “grayness” outside the window and will fill the house with positive and remind you of the sun. And white or striped pumpkins will complement bouquets of mountain ash or dried herbs well.

    #5. Fairy Lights

    Daylight hours are getting shorter, so now is the time to get out the New Year's garlands and decorate the house with them. Flickering light bulbs, wrapping around shelves, or simply lying in a glass vase, will fill the space with light and a sense of celebration.

    #5. Reading Nook

    Autumn is a time for reading books with an exciting storyline. Set up a cozy place to relax with your own hands: for this you will need a couch or deck chair, a couple of soft pillows and a blanket. Place it by the window or in a secluded corner of the living room – it will be perfect.

    In autumn, we want warmth and comfort more and more, and we dream of evenings with family and a peaceful atmosphere. We hope our tips will help you create one.

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