Important Roofing Questions That Every Homeowner Should Ask


    Most homeowners usually take their roof for granted! They usually start taking care about it, when something goes wrong. When things go wrong, it can get challenging to dig out information.

    Hence, here are answers to a few relevant roofing questions that homeowners have.

    Roofing Questions

    How Can Should One Expect A Roof To Last?

    There are certain factors that can shorten or lengthen your roof’s life. However, in general you can expect an asphalt roof to last for 20 years. A metal roof will last for 50 years. Having said that, aspects like extreme weather, climate and roof maintenance can impact the roof’s life.

    Also, if you stay in a place that witnesses high winds and gets heavy snowfall, the roof might witness more wear and tear than usual. Also, the roof that gets regular inspection, wash and maintenance usually lasts longer.

    How Much Will A New Roof Cost?

    New Roof Cost

    It is challenging to answer this question, as each home is different. The ideal way to attain a solid estimate is to call a trustworthy roofing professional. The reputable roofers will provide you the quote at zero cost and will have zero obligations.

    You should know a few things about your home, such as location, size and shape will impact the cost of the new roof along with the roofing material.

    Can You Insure Your Roof?

    Its important to know that in most situations, the roof is secured from unexpected damages, such as fire or vandalism, by the homeowner’s insurance policy. And when it comes to minor issues, such as curling shingles and cracking, the majority of roofs have a warranty. Generally, the roofer’s warranty for labor on the roof is for 10 years.

    Should You Replace A Leaking Roof?

    Leaking Roof

    If your roof has one or two leaks, it’s not a great disaster. If you can call an expert roofing professional and fix the leaks the moment you notice the issue, the roof will be all good. And if there are much more than a couple of leaks, you need extensive repairs.

    Also, if you wait for too long to fix the leaks, the water can seep beneath the shingles and start to rot your roof deck. And if this starts to happen, there will be no other solution than to get your roof replaced. It’s essential that you call a roofing contractor when you find the first leak so that you can avert the complete roof replacement.

    How Long Does It Take To Install A Brand-New Roof?

    The answer to this depends on your home shape and the roof type that you are installing. You might require anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks to install a new roof. And if you have decided to install an asphalt roof atop an old one, it might take less time. It’s because a roofer doesn’t need to strip the earlier roof. The time will also depend on the weather and the roofer’s crew size.

    These questions will enable you to stay better informed about the essentials of roof installation. Here you can check out the cost of new roof in Ohio.

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