SEAFLO Water Pump Review In 2022


    Whether at home, on the road, on your boat or on the camp trail, you always want access to clean water from a trusted source. You definitely do not want to lug buckets of water from your water storage tank, and that is what the SEAFLO water pump review is designed to prevent. It is premium equipment that has excellent capabilities but will not break the bank.

    It is designed in such a way that it offers you the best water pump for your water needs with minimum maintenance needs so that you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your home. The SEAFLO Water Pump is modern and sustainable, using electricity to run. It is also designed such that both professionals and hands-on owners can install it without any issues.

    In this SEAFLO Water Pump review, we will take a look at its features to see how they come together to make it a premium water pump. We will also cover a few things that you may want to know about the SEAFLO Water Pump so that you can rest easy knowing you have made the best choice in picking this water pump.

    SEAFLO Water Pump Review

    Details of SEAFLO Water Pump review


    15.2in x 11.4 in x 14in




    12 volts


    17 Amperes. Maximum of 18.9 Amperes

    Powering Mode:


    Rate of Flow:

    5.5 gallons per minute


    60 Pounds Per square Inch

    Review of SEAFLO Water Pump and Accumulator Tank System

    According to pumpiee, the SEAFLO Water Pump is made so that it fulfills your water and pocket needs and goes the extra mile to ensure that you have no hassle or worry when after it has been installed.  The following features make the SEAFLO Water Pump an excellent choice for you.

    Accumulator Tank:

    Accumulator tanks contain gas which exerts pressure that separates the gas from the fluid and the fluid is used to make the spikes in the pump wet so that less power can be used to run the water pump. See more on

    The SEAFLO Water Pump review comes with a pre-pressurized accumulator tank. This makes the SEAFLO Water Pump highly efficient as it uses less power. It also helps the pump last longer due to decreased pump cycling when pumping water.

    FDA Food Grade Material:

    Food grade materials refer to non-food substances like plastics from the wrapping that comes into direct contact with food items. FDA-compliant food grade materials are those that fulfill the Food and Drug Administration's requirements for non-food items that are used to hold food items.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump is FDA compliant and is made of materials that are safe to come into contact with food items. This means that the pump is made of materials that will not affect or change the quality of water from your source in any way and make it unsuitable for drinking purposes. The SEAFLO Water Pump will not cause you or your loved ones health issues like water poisoning or any other hazards caused when items that are not food-safe come into contact with drinking water.

    DC Powering:

    DC (Direct Current) powering refers to powering of equipment using current that flows in one direction. It is applied to equipment that does not require high voltage and uses a battery. For efficiency and responsible power use, recharging is available for DC allowing equipment powered this way to operate for a while without being directly connected to a power source.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump is powered by a direct current power source with a steady and low voltage capacity of 12 volts. This keeps the pump running with relatively low power usage and drainage of the battery. This makes the SEAFLO Water Pump suitable for use as it has low power needs and does not misuse electricity even over long-term use. The SEAFLO Water Pump can also be recharged using solar power making it highly sustainable with minimum impact on the environment and a great pump to use when outdoors without access to electricity for a period of time.

    Diaphragm pump:

    This SEAFLO Water Pump uses the combined action of rubber and the diaphragm to pump water through the pump. The presence of the diaphragm makes the SEAFLO Water Pump have low friction levels, reducing the need for lubricants and the need for constant maintenance. The SEAFLO Water Pump can run even when dry without being damaged or suffering from other issues related to degradation. The presence of the diaphragm also makes the SEAFLO Water Pump highly sensitive even under low-pressure conditions. The pump is also self-priming, the details of which will be discussed below.


    The SEAFLO Water Pump contains a strainer, which also operates as a filter. This strainer filters the particles present in the water to prevent large particles that can destroy the mechanism of the pump from entering the pump. This not only keeps your water clean and suitable for drinking, but it also keeps the water pump running efficiently without disruption or the need for manual removal and cleaning of unwanted particles from the water. This is handy because you do not want to be climbing into your tank or well every day to manually filter out unwanted debris from the water, and you do not incur the costs of buying a separate strainer.

    Your water pipes will also be clean and have minimal build-up from unwanted particles, which means there is less occurrence of clogging. This greatly reduces maintenance costs and time that would be used in checking and removing unwanted particles from the water.

    High Shut-Off Pressure:

    Pumpadvisor suggests that, The shut-off pressure of a pump refers to the maximum pressure that can be delivered by the pump under a situation where the outlet is blocked. A high shut-off pressure is important for a pump so that it can pump water to pipes that are above ground floor level. A high shut-off pressure also means that the water produced will be high-pressured and reduce delays normally caused by low flow rates.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump has a shut-off pressure value of 60 PSI which is among the best shut-off pressures in the market for pumps of its price range. At that level, it uses minimal power and experiences lower friction levels compared to other pumps.

    Air Valve:

    The standard tire air valve present in the SEAFLO Water Pump has two main jobs: it acts as a point of release for air that collects within the pump as a result of the high pressures. When air collects within a pump, bubbles are formed and accumulates within the pump and in the pipes used to conduct water. This is highly unsuitable and it is important for the air to be released through the air valve.

    The air valve also lets air into the pump when the pressure within the pump is lower than atmospheric pressure. This keeps the pump stable and in shape by reducing the likelihood of it being crushed by the denser atmospheric pressure. When the pressure within the pump is lower than outside pressure, an internal vacuum is created which greatly affects the pump and the pipe system. The air valve is therefore important in maintaining the pump and pipe system. The air valve, therefore, increases the pump's efficiency.

    Flow Rate:

    A pump's flow rate is the amount or volume of liquid that goes through the pump in a given amount of time.  Good normal flow rate is important as it gives a clue as to the number of taps that can be supported by the pipe across your property.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump has a normal flow rate of 5.5 gpm (gallons per minute) which is suitable for all your household and recreational water needs. This flow rate can power up to more than 3 half-inch water taps around the house or in your camping cabin or trailer. The taps will release water at the maximum pressure due to the high flow rate of the water pump, saving you time and effort.

    Noise reduction:

    The constant hum of a water pump as it operates through the day and night can be irritating and weigh down on the nerves of even the most patient among us. It is worse when the noise is loud and uncontrollable.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump contains in-built noise reduction mechanisms that let you enjoy a peaceful day and night. The noise reduction mechanism masks the bulk of the sound that is produced in the normal operation of the pump. It not only protects your peace of mind as you do not constantly wonder if something is wrong with the pump based on changes in the noise it makes. This feature also saves you money that would otherwise be spent in buying soundproofing materials and the effort required in installing them.


    Orientation in water pumps refers to the angle at which it can be installed relative to the water source. A water pump should be oriented in such a way that the water inlet feature is correctly angled toward the water source to prevent crisscrossing of wires or the need to buy longer wires.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump can be installed both vertically and horizontally, making it one of the most versatile water pumps in the market. This means that the water pump can be set vertically against the walls of a well or a water tank, or horizontally under a camping trailer. It enables the installation at an angle that gives the pump the most and easiest access to water without exceeding the depth capacity set by the manufacturer.


    Priming is a maintenance procedure done on water pumps so that they remain in tip-top shape. It means running fluid, in this case water, through a pump in order to create internal pressure that will get the water pump running. Priming is important so that the pump does not run when dry which would corrode the components of the pump.

    The SEAFLO Water Pump has self-priming capabilities, meaning that you do not have to manually inject water into the pump when the pressure is low. The pump collects water by itself and runs it through its chambers to drive out the gases that have collected therein and cause friction and stoppage of pumping. This feature of the water pump helps it be protected from constant wear and tear caused by the rubbing of components against each other. It also reduces maintenance costs and efforts.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Tire air valve
    • DC powering
    • High flow rate
    • Solar rechargeable
    • FDA food grade material
    • Serve up to 3 outlets
    • High shut-off pressure
    • Self-priming capabilities
    • Vertical and horizontal orientation
    • Diaphragm pump with up to 5 chambers
    • 2.1-gallon pre-pressurized accumulator tank


    • Has a high flow rate
    • Contains self-priming capabilities
    • It is very affordable
    • High shut-off pressure
    • In-built noise reduction mechanisms.
    • Comes in a variety of colors to cater for different tastes
    • Versatile as it can be installed either vertically or horizontally
    • Simple to install enabling self-installation even by non-professionals
    • Contains a strainer for filtering of unwanted particles from water
    • FDA-compliant reducing chances of illness due to contamination.
    • Can serve multiple water taps making it useful for household and recreational needs


    • Faulty pressure switch that goes off after several uses.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    1. Can I connect the SEAFLO Water Pump to a battery?

    2. Do I have to mount the pump with the tabs facing downward?

    3. What is the deepest well I can use the pump on?

    4. Does the pump have a drain?

    Our Verdict

    The SEAFLO Water Pump and Accumulator Tank System is a powerful machine built to cater for all your water needs whether when indoors or outdoors on the camping trail. It is versatile in terms of its powering options and very environmentally friendly.

    It also comes with several mounting options to suit your water source needs and can be installed even if you do not have professional plumbing experience. In addition to that, it is very affordable and will give you access to high-pressure water from multiple outlets without breaking the bank. All in all, the SEAFLO Water Pump and Accumulator Tank System is a pump worthy of your investment.

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