Sentury Tires Review – Is It Really Good???


    This Sentury tires review covers all you need to know about Sentury tires. As a driver, you may know that there’s a variety of tires. But are you aware of the touring tires? These tires are perfectly engineered, designed, and manufactured to deliver trust and confidence.

    Who Makes Sentury Tires?

    Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of Sentury Touring Tire. The company is located in China and is known for its high-quality tires for both the aviation and automotive industries. The company backs its commitment to performance with generous warranties and superior construction.

    sentury tires review

    Is the Sentury Touring Tire Compatible With Your Car?

    The touring tires come in different designs and sizes to fit a wide variety of vehicles. These vehicles include foreign or domestic passenger cars, along with minivans, SUVs, and certain sporty models. Our Sentury Tires Review covers the models the touring tires can fit include:

    • Venture, Monte Carlo, Chevy Lumina
    • Regal, Century, Buick LeSabre
    • Challenger, Dodge Charger, Grand Caravan, Magnum, Avenger
    • Town & Country, Sebring, Chrysler 300
    • Odyssey, Honda Accord
    • Windstar, Freestyle, Ford Taurus
    • Quest, Nissan Rogue
    • Kia Sedona
    • Montana, Pontiac Grand Prix
    • Plymouth Voyager
    • Toyota Sienna
    • Suzuki Grand Vitara
    • Volvo V70
    • Volkswagen Tiguan

    The above list isn’t complete. If your car is not on the list, you can call the dealers to inquire about the compatibility of your car with these tires.

    Specifications And Features

    In the manufacture of touring tires, Century combines the top features of other tires. This ensures the tires can give you and your passengers the comfort that you deserve. The Sentury tires are also known for improved handling and remarkable traction. Here are some of the outstanding specifications and features of Sentury Touring tires.

    Tire Size

    When you know the size of tires which your vehicle can accommodate, you’ll make an informed decision when buying tires. Sentury touring tires come in sizes which range from 14” to 18”. The 14-inch and the 15-inch tire sizes offer more options that you can choose from. There’s no 17” tire size. The tire sizes and the available options are:

    14 inches

    • BSW-195/75R14 95T XL
    • BSW-205/75R14 95T
    • BSW-205/70R14 98T XL

    15 inches

    • BSW-185/65R15 88H
    • BSW-185/60R15 84H
    • BSW-205/70R15 96T
    • BSW-215/65R15 96H
    • BSW-205/75R15 97T
    • BSW-215/70R15 98T

    16 inches

    • BSW215/65R16 98H

    18 inches

    • BSW-225/60R18 100H 


    Sentury touring tires have a five-rib tread design that boosts traction on both dry and wet roads. They have continuously grooved center ribs to enhance its braking, handling, and cornering capabilities.


    Everyone wants exceptional performance from their car tires. Century touring tires offer both performance and comfort. All the tires perform as intended and the performance is far beyond expectations.


    Affordability is perhaps the most enthralling feature of the Sentury tires. You can purchase a whole set of tires for your car at a very budget-friendly price.

    The company attracts clients by offering remarkable steering response and mobility, which is not common for tires at the same price range.


    The sentury touring tires are usually optimized for a variety of weather conditions and terrain. The company manufactures the best performance, truck, and winter tires.

    To this end, sentury caters to the needs of the majority of its customers who seek budget-friendly tires that serve specific purposes.

    Comfort And Handling

    Sentury touring tires incorporate many features that are all aimed at improving your comfort while on the wheels. These features include asymmetric tread patterns and the utilization of superior tread compounds.

    These features provide enhanced handling response and extraordinary precision control on both wet and dry roads. Furthermore, Sentury touring tires have large shoulder blocks that can allow you to drive at reasonable speeds around corners without losing traction.

    There’s also a center rib that stabilizes the vehicle and reduces the braking distance. The tread pattern reduces vibrations that the vehicle occupants feel and also improves the responsiveness of the steering wheel.

    Advantages of Sentury Tires:

    Sentury Tires

    After going through the tires review, you will understand what you are missing. The following are some of the benefits that you will get.

    1. All-season Tires

    Tires manufactured by Sentury combine all-season and touring capabilities, while also considering comfort. The tires provide both dry and wet traction and can fit almost all types of vehicles from sports cars to coupes and to minivans and sedans.

    2. Affordability

    As stated earlier, these tires aren’t expensive but they provide better features than most tires in the same price range.

    3. Safety

    Sentury crossover tires are designed with your safety in mind. As a driver, you would want tires that eliminates worries while you are on the road.

    Sentury touring tires also improves the safety of other road users, the terrain and weather conditions notwithstanding. With these tires light snow and rain won’t be as hazardous as they would be with other tire types.

    4. Noise Reduction

    The optimized threads on Sentury touring tires ensure low noise levels on the road. This will ensure you have a noiseless ride which adds to your comfort and that of your passengers and other road users.

    5. Different Sizes

    Sentury touring tires come in different sizes. No matter the size of your vehicle, you’ll get a Sentury touring tire that will fit. And with a speed rating of T/H, the tires can perform well off or on the freeways at speeds below 130 miles per hour.

    6. Fuel Economy

    Did you know that a vehicle’s tire affects its fuel consumption? The rolling resistance of Sentury touring tires is very low. This reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicles that use them.


    All products must have some disadvantages. Sentury touring tires are no exception. Here are some disadvantages of Sentury touring tires:

    1. Sentury Tires Don’t Work On Snow

    Though the Sentury tires have the all-season tag, they can’t work on snow. When you drive on snow, you’ll notice that they’ll lose traction. However, they do work well on light snow.

    2. Traction On Icy Condition

    Just like driving on snow, Sentury touring tires also lose traction on icy conditions. You’ll find it difficult to stop in such conditions when you apply brakes. A covering of ice affects the handling, traction, and performance of Sentury touring tires.

    3. Limited Speed

    Sentury touring tires can attain a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour. Though this speed is above the legal limit in most cases, some drivers usually go beyond this speed, especially those with luxury vehicles or those in emergencies.

    The disadvantages above are not only limited to Sentury touring tires. Most tire brands are not designed to perform in all weather conditions.

    Where To Get Sentury Tires

    Where To Get Sentury Tires

    Currently, Sentury touring tires are available only at Tire Discounters. This information is very vital since you would not want to buy counterfeit.

    These counterfeit may perform well but only for a short time. They will endanger your life and that of other road users.

    Sentury Tire Prices

    Sentury touring company has its headquarters in China, a country known for the production of affordable products. Many drivers can afford the prices set by Sentury touring on its tires.

    The prices are pocket-friendly but the products will exceed your expectations. Above all, Sentury tires are specifically designed for use on commuter vehicles like SUVs, minivans, and sedans. For this reason, their prices must be set at affordable levels.

    The Sub-Brands of Sentury Tire

    Sentury has sub-brands that manufacture of a variety of specialized tire types for use on different terrains. The sub-brands are:

    • Pantera
    • Delinte
    • Landsail
    • GroundSpeed

    The sub-brands only produce single tires that consumers can afford. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality.

    Final Verdict

    When buying sentury touring tires, you’ll not spend much. Being entry-level tires means their design and price suit most drivers. They are mainly value-based, meaning they have many features that are not found in many other tire brands.

    Once you fit them, you can enjoy your drive anywhere without having to worry about losing traction. It doesn’t matter whether the terrain is dry or wet. You only have to be careful about icy or heavy snow conditions. Sentury touring tires will provide you with proper handling. In addition to traction, overall handling and steering are generally crisp and responsive. This is necessary if you want to stop or turn suddenly.

    From this sentury tires review, you realize that some aspects of the tires need a little improvement, though. Primarily, acceleration, braking, and traction, especially during winter or in icy conditions. However, for tires in this price range, Sentury touring tires are economical and does well in nearly all weather conditions. All in all, the tires offer good value for money.

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