Should You Buy A King Or Queen Mattress


    If you are looking for a new mattress, you might be contemplating between going for a king or queen mattress. At first glance, it might seem like a simple decision but, there is actually a lot more that you might want to know about each mattress besides the obvious size difference. Let us walk you through on the important notes that you should not miss out when you are making your decision.

    king or queen mattress

    Standard Sizes for King Or Queen Mattresses

    Prior to the explanation of all the crucial elements, allow us to give you a brief account on the standard sizes as a general guideline.

    Standard Queen Mattress





    Width Per Person


    The standard queen bed is usually 5” longer and 7” wider than your usual full-sized bed, and these queen beds are a popular option for both couples and single individuals because each couple would get around 30” of space for themselves, which is plenty for the average sized person.

    It is notable that the standard queen bed is also a widely preferred option for both couples and individuals because they would usually fit into smaller master bedrooms or guest rooms without causing too much movement in your existing furniture arrangement.

    Standard King Mattress





    Width Per Person


    The standard king mattress is known to be best suited for couples. This is because it would give plenty of sleeping space to each sleeper, as a king bed is as good as combining two twin XL beds. Besides, a standard king mattress would offer each sleeper an additional 8” more than the standard queen size mattress, if you are a regular size adult.

    We believe that the added size has made a standard king mattress as the number one go-to option for master bedrooms because it will fit just right in without any issues like showing a bad aesthetic or space management.

    Important Factors to Consider Before You Get a Mattress

    Comfort Level of King Mattress:

    The comfort of both king and queen mattresses would largely depend on whether you are sleeping alone or you are sleeping with a partner. If you are alone, sleeping on a king might be an overkill, and considerably unnecessary at some point. However, it would be a great choice for couples as it would give you the space you need for sleeping with a partner.

    Comfort Level of Queen Mattress:

    On the other hand, queen mattresses are a popular option even for single sleepers with a relatively reasonable spaced room. For most couples, a queen mattress would offer you just the right amount of space you need for a good night’s sleep. Another reason why queen mattresses are a popular option is because it does not take up as much space as a king mattress, so you won’t be searching for a smaller cabinet, smaller lounge chair and etc. in your room.

    King mattress Price:

    The price of mattresses would largely depend on other factors besides the sizes. However, you should be expected to pay more for a king-sized mattress as compared to a queen size mattress. It is only natural for the size of the mattress to be one of the factors in price as a larger bed would require more material, accessories, and logistic costs.

    Queen mattress Price:

    If you don’t feel like spending too much on mattresses, or you are watching your budget much more carefully, one of the things you could do is to opt for a queen mattress instead of a king mattress. In terms of accessories like your bed sheets and comforters, you will be getting them at a relatively lower price compared to a king mattress.

    Room size of King Mattress:

    There is no doubt that everyone would love to enjoy the additional 16’’ of width that a king mattress has to offer, but not everyone’s room can fit such a huge mattress. The rule of thumb in buying the right sized mattress for your bedroom is you should always leave at least 2 feet on the 3 sides of your room for mere walking space.

    If you intend to slot in a wardrobe and other furniture, you will need a lot more than 2 feet, which is why most bedrooms, even some master bedrooms do not have the space for a king mattress. To give you a rough idea, if you have a bedroom smaller than 12 x 14 feet, you should not be looking for a king mattress.

    Room size of Queen mattress:

    Meanwhile, queen mattresses would fit most bedrooms and allow enough room for walking around your bedroom and additional furniture. A 12 x 12 feet room would usually be more than enough for a queen mattress. We believe that you definitely will have sufficient space to move around when you install a smaller mattress instead of a gigantic one.

    If you have ample space in your room, we think that a queen bed might look slightly out of proportion when the empty space remains unfilled. The wisest move would be measuring your room and visualizing how your bed will be placed, as this will be extremely helpful when you are deciding on the size of mattress.


    In conclusion, we suggest that if you will be sleeping alone, go for a queen mattress. While the king mattress can possibly be an overkill for someone who sleeps alone, we still would not hesitate to get a king bed when we can afford the space and the price tag.

    Although a queen mattress is more than enough for most people if you are sleeping with your partner, we figured that the extra space given by a king bed will be well-appreciated. Who knows, you and your partner might just sleep better on a king mattress.

    We must emphasize the importance of checking your room size prior to making your purchase, even if you think that you have a large room. It would not hurt to know the exact measurements and it is always better to be safe than be sorry. Hope your confusion is clear, king or queen mattress which one is good for you.

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