Simple Cleaning Techniques To Extend The Life Of Your Carpets


    Don't we all adore a fresh carpet, warm and toasty, during a cold winter morning?

    Carpets add an element of beauty and aesthetics to your home. Carpets provide warmth from the hardwood or tiled floors and keep our cold and blue feet warm. But have you noticed that maintaining carpet is a bummer! 

    Sadly, no matter how clean your house interiors are, your home will look unkempt if your carpet is unclean. Carpets cost a lot… We mean big bucks here. 

    But we have someone for our rescue. Presenting: Portable Carpet Cleaners 

    Small carpet cleaners help in prolonging the life of your carpet in sure and subtle ways. We recommend that if you want a thorough clean of your carpet; you take the help of professionals. 

    Meanwhile, let us go through small ways you can lengthen the life of your carpet.

    Cleaning Techniques Of Your Carpets

    Vacuuming Without Fail

    The most effortless and efficient way to clean your carpets by yourself is through vacuuming. However, we must consider that you use only vacuums that have sufficient power to suction and siphon the debris lodged between the fibres of the carpets.

    Any vacuum can pull the surface debris from your carpet, but only the best ones can take the harder to pull debris out. This debris, though seemingly harmless, can get between the fibres of your carpet and cause massive wear and tear. Vacuuming once every two days is crucial if you have pets or kids in the house.

    Use Mats

    Use Mats

    Mats are the easiest solution without spending dollars on fancy cleaning machines or agents. Around 80-90% of the dust we bring home comes from the first step we take through the door.

    A simple solution to lay a doorway mat that comes in various designs and adds to the beauty of your home. A wipe here and slide there, and Voila, you now have removed half the rubble you were bringing home to the carpets. 

    Spot Clean

    Clean whatever spills and drops in your carpet immediately. Please do not wait for it to be cleaned later as the stains can become permanent. When the fibres absorb the liquid spills or any other spills, it becomes impossible to get them off. Try to keep kitchen items away in the kitchen or dining room.

    Follow No Shoe Policy

    Follow No Shoe Policy

    Asians have had this policy for ages, and we all can vouch for Asian standard for cleanliness in every aspect. (never heard of the KonMari method... Google it) 

    No shoe at home policy may be hard to follow, and no one can deny it is the most hygienic. Keep a shoe cabinet in your entryway or outside your apartment or house. Whenever you are coming in, open your shoes and keep them in the cupboard. Shoes carry oil, dirt, mud and all particles that cause havoc on your carpet and keeping it out of sight of your carpet is the best way to go. 

    Everyone loves plush home slippers and a toasty carpet combination.

    Furry Babies

    Furry Babies

    Pets, be it dogs or cats, shed a good amount of hair each day. If you are a lazy spirit, decide whether you want a pet with long hair like a german shepherd or a simple Bengal cat that sheds less hair.

    The pet's age also plays a major role as older pets try to mark their territory, and your carpets can become their territory. However, you can always train them, but you need to give extra care to carpets when you have pets

    Pro Help

    Nothing can beat service from a professional, and you need professional maintenance of carpets at least twice a year and even more, if you have kids and pets. They have the right tools and know-how to clean carpets inside out.


    These are simple yet effective ways to clean your carpet and sustain it for a long period. Implementing the steps of vacuuming, spot cleaning, and more will give you fruitful results, and you will avoid the peril of replacing carpets, frequently creating a hole in your pocket. 

    If this article got you to add spark to your carpets. Give a comment below.

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