Size Does Matter: Trouble With A Wrong Sized AC


    A wrongly sized AC could show a big problem for you and your budget soon. Like an inaccurately sized engine in the wrong car, you could see yourself with a broken AC unit in the summer and clueless how it took place. Residents like to think that air conditioning issues are on the same level, that soon you can get them repaired, and your unit will be okay again. AC repair in Carrollton, TX, is not what everyone wants, but it usually happens, especially when you have an incorrect sized air conditioner. 

    Sadly, it is not true at all. A filter problem or miscalibrated thermostat is one thing- but a wrong size air conditioner can soon lead to having a new Ac unit. In that case, you will be more burden due to the more expensive AC installation process. 

    Let us say you want to have new tires for your car only to learn that you need to buy a new car since the entire thing is not fitting. Does it suck? Yes, right! We are here to discuss the possible help we can give you for AC repair in Carrollton, TX, for your inaccurately sized AC unit.
    sized AC

    Too Small

    If your Ac unit is too small for your house, it will work double-time to cool down the entire house. It suggests that your air conditioner will run in the full cycle more often than a normal-sized AC unit. A well-matched air conditioner operates a tight schedule in between cooling cycles when it is cooling. If the AC is too small for the house, it works with shorter breaks in between cycles. In this way, the house can't get enough cold air. Also, it puts a strain on some parts of the AC unit that will necessarily lead to premature death.

    Too Large

    A lot of homeowners think that a large air conditioner is not a bad thing. Well, this is far from the fact. A large air conditioner will run something called a short-cycle, which the AC unit starts up but does not complete a full cycle. It will place additional strain on some parts of the air conditioner, also stop it from doing some essential processes. Imagine you are walking with your shoes tied together- it places additional stress on your body, and you are about to fall and injure yourself.

    Just Right

    A well-sized Ac unit will run its normal cycle and cool your house to the wanted temperature on the thermostat. Air conditioners do not like rushing through their cooling cycle, and they do not like it when they do not perform a complete cooling cycle. Air conditioner units need the correct sizing and environment to prolong its lifespan.

    Three Reasons Why Air Conditioner Size Matters


    Not shockingly, a small AC unit will have problems to cool your house. It will run longer cycles than it should because the square footage it is trying to cool down is too big for its capacity. However, a large air conditioning unit will run short cycles, meaning it will switch on and off in short rounds. Short cycling will make the temperature down too fast. You may not think of it as a big deal, but short cycling will not give enough time to your AC unit to dehumidify your home effectively. It can also give you a feeling of stickiness.


    AC systems that are undersized run too long, trying to achieve the set temperature. Then, long cycles will put unnecessary stress on the air conditioner that can lead to failures and shorten its lifespan. Since large AC units run a short cycle, they suffer from a considerable amount of additional damage and cuts over time. This frequent cycling also adds to energy waste and damages the AC unit, which can lead to break down earlier than expected.


    A wrongly sized air conditioning unit has tremendous financial consequences. A system that’s too small or large for your home is costlier to run and will need replacement before a precisely sized AC unit will. Due to additional damage and break, it probably needs more air conditioning maintenance too. 

    Then, what? You are probably thinking that your AC unit is working okay, no matter how big or small it is. Well, at Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, we believe it is wrong. Your air conditioner might run well for the time being; however, if the size is incorrect, it will put additional stress on its parts. Eventually, it will lead to failures earlier than you expect it. You will be in a more stressful situation due to more expensive AC repair.

    Final Word

    Finally, it is your choice when it comes to looking into having an accurate and well-fitted AC unit. 

    For all air conditioner inquiries, you can contact one of our staff to answer your AC questions and concerns. Dring Air Conditioning and Heating are available 24/7 for any AC repair in Carrollton, TX. We will be here for you.

    Schedule your appointment now. Give us a call.

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