Spiritual Benefits of Sleeping On The Floor


    Although most of us in the Western world have been sleeping on a mattress since we were born, the practice is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. 

    Ever since our oldest ancestors roamed the earth, we've been sleeping on the ground. So, what made our transition to mattresses? And, despite this transition, should we still be sleeping on the ground/floor? Many spiritualists believe so, claiming that the practice has numerous benefits. In this article, we will discuss about the spiritual benefits of sleeping on the floor. 

    Sleeping On The Floor

    Floor Sleepers Stay Grounded

    Those who sleep on the floor are subject to nightly grounding. Grounding is the name for the phenomena that is our bodies draining themselves of excess positive charge that results from exposure to the magnetic and electric fields that surround us. If you sleep on the floor, you become grounded as the excess positive charges leave your body and are absorbed into the earth, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restful each morning. 

    During the night, while your body releases energy, it also absorbs it. The earth gives out electrons that our bodies use for healing, as they contain anti-inflammatory properties. These properties work to not only cure physical ailments and steady the heart rate, but also to relax and calm the mind. 

    Grounding is also known by its newer name, earthing. Grounding can be done outdoors, too. A great time to make use of grounding outside is when you embark on a camping trip. Instead of rolling out your sleeping bag, make yourself a bed out of soft dirt, as direct grounding is the most ideal.

    The Body And Mind Become One

    One of the lesser known benefits of sleeping on the floor is that when done regularly, it can help the sleeper’s mind and body establish a stronger connection. How? According to experts, this works because when humans sleep on the floor or ground, our bodies take up a natural, safe position that takes us back to our caveman roots.

    Floor Sleeping Strengthens The Connection To Religion

    Some Christian believe that sleeping on the floor may serve to bring you closer to Jesus. Jesus and many of the saints who followed him slept on the floor or ground, according to the Bible. For some, sleeping on the ground is the ultimate declaration of faith. 

    In addition to this, sleeping on the floor can be used as a sort of penance, if you believe in it. By removing yourself from the comfort of your bed, even for a night, you can tap into the sufferings of those less fortunate. This will both humble you and strengthen the connection you have with your creator. For this very reason in many places around the world, religious leaders sleep on the floor or on very thin mats or use a simple mattress to make the floor bed.

    You Will Be Humble

    Humbleness, that is being both modest and successful or privileged, is something that many of us forget to practice. This is partly because of the way the world works and because we have been conditioned to simply take, but never question. 

    Sleeping on the floor is a great way to remind yourself to be humble.  After a long day at work and scoring the best promotion, you will return home to your bed on the floor and quickly remember to be thankful. 

    A humble mindset and way of life is an important part of many religions. In being humble, you will learn to appreciate everything you have and don’t have, and, more often than not, help you connect with your beliefs.

    How To Transition To Floor Sleeping

    To make the transition easier, slowly eliminate your nightly comforts. Start by removing the mattress topper from your bed. Then, the transition to a bed of blankets on the floor. From there, make your bed thinner and thinner until you’re sleeping on a thin yoga mat. Eventually, if you keep going, you’ll find yourself sleeping on the carpet. 

    So when you’re deciding whether to make the transition to sleep on the floor, remember to keep the things mentioned above in mind. In addition to the potential physical benefits, floor sleeping keeps our egos in check, keeps us in tune with our religious beliefs, meld our minds and bodies, and keeps us grounded. Wishing you to get the spiritual benefits of sleeping on the floor.

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