Does Solar In Texas Make Sense?


    Looking to upgrade your Texas home in a way that increases your property's value while also saving you money each month? One of the best ways to do exactly that is by installing solar panels at your home.

    Not only can they save you a ton of money each month on rising electricity costs, but you also get to sleep well at night knowing that you are part of the environmental solution to save the planet, rather than destroying it.

    But is solar worth it in Texas? Are the benefits of solar panels in Texas enough to outweigh the initial cost? Keep reading to find out if you should make the switch to solar at your Texas home.

    Does Solar In Texas Make Sense

    Sunny Days in Texas

    Is it worth going solar in Texas? One of the main considerations is how much electricity you can generate using your panels, and how fast those savings pay back your initial investment.

    The more sunny days you have, the more solar power you can generate. The more power you generate, the shorter your payback time, and the higher the return on your investment.

    So is solar power worth it in Texas, compared to other states? Texas is big, and the amount of sunshine it receives varies by region and city. Considering that most major cities in Texas have over 200 days of sunshine per year, that's a lot of solar generating potential.

    These are the days that your solar power will be working its best. However, remember that your panels can still generate solar energy on cloudy days, too. It just happens to be less. This makes Texas one of the best states in the country to invest in solar.

    Texas Solar Incentives

    But what about the upfront cost? Is buying a solar system worth it in Texas if you aren't a millionaire?

    There are many financial incentives available when considering a solar upgrade to your home. When you work with a professional installer such as Blue Raven Solar, they will be happy to inform you of the programs and rebates you qualify for to save on your installation cost.

    The federal solar tax credit is one of the most important. With this federal program, you can receive up to 26% of your total solar installation cost back on your federal tax return.

    After 2022, however, the amount you receive will drop. The program will eventually discontinue altogether. This makes it much easier to dive into the world of solar energy today.

    Plus, your home may qualify for net metering. This is when your solar panels are connected to your local power grid. On sunny summer days, excess electricity can be sold to your utility provider.

    Then, at night time, or on cloudy days when you aren't generating enough energy to power your home, you use power from your utility company again. But instead of paying for it, you use up credits that you've earned from selling them electricity previously.

    Any unused credits at the end of the year come back to you as a check.

    Does Solar In Texas Make Senses

    Is Solar Worth It in Texas?

    So is solar worth it in Texas? Considering all of the incentives that are available, plus the abundance of sunshine in the state throughout the year, Texas is one of the best states to invest in solar energy.

    The sooner you do it, the more you'll start saving.

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