steiner t5xi 5-25x56 review

Steiner T5xi 5-25×56 Review In 2022


    Are you looking for the ability to see where others cannot? Or should we say, you need to see your target clearly when using your rifle? If so, then you will find the steiner t5xi 5-25x56 review resourceful. For a long time now Steiner t5xi has been selling optical that is very excellent. However, recently they have tried to improve their technology on optical to give their consumers what they have been requesting.

    The first move they made was to build a Steiner optics scope and using German technology. Over the last few decades, most people believed in German optics but when Steiner t5xi 5-25×56 was introduced people have preferred it more for its features and specification. Check the steiner t5xi 5-25x56 review below.

    Steiner t5xi 5-25x56 Review for You




    3.7 pounds


    9.5 x 4 x 7.2 inches


    5x - 25x

    Focal Plane:


    Tube Diameter:


    Steiner T5xi 5-25x56 Review


    The device comes with a clear scope that has adjustable knobs to make your view clear and near for accurate hit. The lens has up to 5X zoom making the target clear for ultimate accuracy. The tube is over 34 mm thus increases reliability and strength. The precision provided by the scope is much more clear for the user to miss the target as the lens resolution is very high and the zoom feature makes the target look closer and nearer to you. The Steiner has three scopes, 1-a 5-25x56mm, a 5x24mm, and a 3-15x50mm. Accuracy is what all the shooters are after, a feature that this device has.

    Shockproof, fog proof and waterproof

    Most of the lenses of the scope are clear to use when on fog, water or when under a shock. With Steiner t5xi this challenge has been made a reality as it is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. The construction of this riflescope is built to withstand fog, water, and shock. The material can withstand cold and wetness condition as it can be used to a depth of over 33 feet and has an impact absorber to any tension that' comes on it way. The product has a high durability ha sit cam withstand these harsh conditions.

    Lens cover and throw lever

    The device lens magnification and Tenebraex covers can protect the lenses for their easy ability to change. Moister and dust is the worst enemy of any lens. Therefore, the Steiner scope lenses have easy and quick magnification enabling the lens covers to protect them. This feature makes the lenses have a long span as they are no prone to dust and moisture when using the riffle in wet, cold and dust conditions. The range adjustment of the diopter is from -3 to +2.

    Turret that is low profile

    When using a rifle it involves a lot of movement and changing of position often. During the movement, this can cause damaging or breaking of turret if they are highly protruding or long. But with Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Riflescope the turret can snag or hang up during the movement. This technique helps protect the turret and therefore there are no likely damages to occur during movement or when the shooter is on a quick move to change position. This is a top feature that is rare in most of the rifle scopes.

    Diopter which is locking

    Diopter is the key protector of lenses. If the diopter is adjustable and has no knob to lock it after a perfect aim, it can damage the lenses after the shock received after shooting. However, the Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Riflescope has a diopter that is locking. This feature helps the shooter to even have a clear accuracy as the lenses are locked and not in a movement when trying to aim at the target. The beauty about locking diopter is that it can easily allow the lens cover change in case there is dust, moisture or fog that comes on the lenses.

    Ring that is all magnification, tapered

    When the shooter is behind the scope, all he needs is a magnification from lenses so that he can clearly see the target and accurately hit on his preferred spot. The setting and calibration are the key guides to the distance of the target for a perfect and accurate hit. The magnification is adjusted according to the stings and calibration of the scope. Steiner scopes have a ring that is all magnifying making it easy for the shooter to hit on his target accurately. The calibration of this device is set on the magnification of the lenses accurately.

    Second rotation indicator

    Most of the riflescope has less count when it comes to clicking. However, Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi 5-25x 56mm has 120 clicks with 5-mil which makes it very easy for the shooter to miss the count when shooting. Most shooter tent to get lost on the dial when trying to count the click, but for this device, it is easy as most are set on 5-mil. The scope gives an incremental stadia of 2-mil and a reference mark making it accurate to miss a target.

    The SRC reticle

    When you talk of least clutters and cleanest format possible of view, then you need to talk about Steiner scope SRC reticle as they offer that. The increment of crosshair extends vertically in .5-mil with the center being the smallest has it has an interrupted "+" that measures .2-mil x .2-mil. This enables the shooter to a clear precision without obscuring the target. This is a rare feature in most of the common rifle scopes that are in the market today. The shooter only concentrates on the target and the precision that is centered by the rifle scope. Those are some of the top features that our steiner t5xi 5-25x56 review covers.


    • The scope is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof making it durable as it not easily damaged by wetness and coldness.
    • The diopter of the scope is locking making it safe for the lenses not to get damaged by the shock sustain after shooting.
    • The lenses of the scope are magnifying and have a zoom of up to 5x making it have ultimate accuracy.
    • It is durable as the material used to make the scope are heavy-duty and sustain harsh conditions such as wetness and coldness.
    • The lenses have a cover that protects it from dust and wetness.
    • It can sustain coolness and wetness of up to 33 feet deep in water.


    • Not have enough of the brown included though with a wide variety of colors


    1. Does the Steiner T5xi have a sunshade?

    Yes the Steiner T5Xi comes with it sunshade and also with lens caps. The sunshades help with sun rays not reflecting on your eyes when they hit on the lenses. The shades also help water not to split on the lens and make the shooter have a blurred image or incorrect accurate target. The lens caps protect the lenses from dust and water when is stored. Lenses are prone to dust and wetness. The lens cap is very helpful in protecting the lenses.

    2. What kind of rings do I need for this scope?

    The rings that I would recommend are the steel ones that have as many screws as possible probable six of them in each ring. The more screws you have on a ring the high accuracy chances are increased. It is in the best interest that the riffle uses the steel one and has as many screws as possible.

    3. What is the eye relief of Steiner t5xi?

    The eye relief on the Steiner t5xi is 3.4 to 4.3 in. this can also depend on the kind of rifle you are using. If you are using a rifle that has a higher recoil then you will need as many eye relief as possible. But for this piece, it is in the range of 3.5 to 4.5 in. this is very accurate and precise to use in this type of a rifle.

    Final Verdict:

    When shopping or looking for the best rifle scope to buy, then according to the steiner t5xi 5-25x56 review above, it is clear that this piece of scope is worth buying. The features that this device provides are quite rare to find in most rifle scopes that are in the market. The scope has a protective measure to lenses against dust and water.

    It is a rifle scope that can be used in a harsh environment such as foggy areas, dusty areas, and wet environments. The material used in making the riffle is quite durable as to withstand d wetness and coldness. Talking of accuracy is talking of Steiner t5xi. The zoom of up to 5X and lenses that are magnify able. This piece of scope is one of the rare ones as it is built with German technology and able to perform even during harsh climate changes. Among many features, it is easy to use even for the first time because it comes with a hard copy manual to follow.

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