Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit Review


    Are your car’s headlights sun-damaged and you are wondering what to do with them? You don’t have to worry anymore because the sylvania headlight restoration kit has got your back. It will help you restore your headlight’s brightness to the way it was when they were brand new. To begin with, Sylvania has been in the market for over 100 years, which is an assurance of its quality. Secondly, it’s a world leader in the area of automotive lighting technology for the aftermarket and for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) as well. Now let’s start off the best headlight restoration kit review with a quick table of its incredible features.

    sylvania headlight restoration kit review

    Details OF SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit Review




    0.96 Ounces


    8 x 1 x 6 inches



    Bulb type:

    LED Strips

    Special Features:

    Base, Voltage

    Review Points of Sylvania - Headlight Restoration Kit

    Below we get to discuss the amazing features you will experience with your car headlights once you add this headlight restorer to your shopping cart.

    Headlight Output Renewal

    Sylvania does the magical of enhancing your headlight’s performance to be as good as if they were new. No matter how much your headlights have been exposed to sun damage, you can still hope to restore them with the sylvania headlight restoration kit. What it does is that it clears the lenses and revitalizes the brightness of the headlights giving you an enhanced lighting for your car.

    Enhances Headlight Appearance

    Have your car’s headlights turned yellow from being scorched by the sun making you completely unable to drive your car at night? The sylvania kit is the way to go because it will restore a brand new appearance to your sun beaten headlights. The kit does the restoration by getting rid of rust spots and fog off your headlights. Once this is done you are able to gain top unmatched clarity with the headlights as they did the moment you purchased them.

    Protection For Longevity

    Other than being great in enhancing the headlight’s illumination, the kit also offers a durable protection. When you have clean headlight lens you can be assured that it will not only give you a quality service but a long term service too.

    Simple Installation

    Once you purchase this kit you won’t be in need of hiring a professional to do the fixing for you. This is because the installation steps are pretty simple and furthermore all the elements of the kit are well-labeled so you won’t have trouble in matching them up. The step by step installation procedure includes: First, acquiring a surface activator so as to unstiffen the plastic for sanding; secondly you scrap and polish the plastic and finally fix it and cover it with the UV clear coat. Besides, the whole fixing process will take you less than an hour if you follow the correct procedure from the manufacturer’s guide. Moreover, a protective glove is provided to make the installation process easy and convenient.


    With the fueling costs and other major expenses of maintaining your car, you really wouldn’t like the hassle of purchasing a new headlight kit for the car every now and then. That’s the reason why this Sylvania kit will be a great choice for you. Once the kit is properly installed, you get to enjoy its service for as long as your car lasts. More to that, you also have an assurance of quality with the manufacturer having over 100 years of experience in the car lighting world.

    Kit System

    Once you purchase the kit you will get all the surface activator elements that you will need while fixing the headlight kit. This includes; 2 white applicator clothes, UV blocking liquid, waterproof premium sandpaper, vinyl glove, protective tape and a clarifying compound. Basically, the kit system is meant for thorough cleaning of the old chemicals on the headlights and getting them ready for the new chemical application.


    If you have driven around during the night with sun scorched headlights, you definitely know that is a dangerous thing. This is because these kinds of headlights provide a blurred vision that could easily lead to an accident. If you want to enjoy safe journeys during the night, this Sylvania headlight kit will be a great buy for you. It will restore crystal clear brightness on your headlight in turn enabling you to have all the clarity you will need to drive safely at night.

    Doesn’t Require Advanced Tools

    Opposed to other kinds of headlight kits that require advanced tools like the hammer and drills, this kit won’t demand that from you. To install it fully you will only need elbow grease and protective gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals. Furthermore, you won’t have to uninstall your whole headlight set to fix the kit. The only thing that you should note is that your car should be parked in a shaded area during the application process for the best of results.

    Protective Tape

    If you have owned a car for a while, you can attest that there are instances where you have smeared harmful chemicals on your vehicle accidentally while doing repairs. This happens mostly when you fail to take a protective measure for the vehicle during repair. With this in mind, Sylvania brings you the kit together with a protective tape that ensures that the rest of the vehicle is protected from harmful chemicals. Other than protection form chemicals, it also provides protection against paint scratches.


    For the long term service and the absolute restoration of newness to your car’s headlights, this kit can be termed as a great buy compared to its price. Besides the kit also provides a long term service, which is an additional value for your money.

    Top Features

    • Durability
    • Protective tape
    • Headlight output renewal
    • Restores a brand new look to your car’s headlights
    • Easy installation process that doesn’t need a professional


    • Installing the kit won’t take much of your time because the process is quite easy.
    • Comes with a protective tape to protect the other parts of your car guarded from chemical spills.
    • It comes with a lifetime warranty, which provides assurance of quality to the user.
    • The kit is durable and will last as long as your car lasts.
    • Provides an outstanding brightness that gives your headlights a brand new look.
    • It also provides everything you need for surface activation


    • The wet sanding and rinsing process consumes a lot water so you will need a lot of it during the process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the best place to perform the cleaning?

    If you want to make the best out of your Sylvania headlight kit, you will need to park your car in a shaded area because it bears better results than when done under direct sunlight.

    How long does this headlight repair kit last?

    If properly installed, the headlight kit tends to last as long as you own your car as derived from customer reviews of individuals that have used it before.

    Will I need a drill for the kit installation?

    No, you won’t need it because the installation procedure is simple and doesn’t require use of advanced tools. You will only need the elbow-grease.

    How long does the Sylvania’s coating take to dry?

    This is not the kind of painting where you get to use the car immediately after application. You will need to leave it to dry for about 3 hours before taking a ride.

    What number of lenses does the kit restore?

    The kit is capable of handling 2 headlights for your car but can also be extended to being used on another one if used sparingly.


    Been wondering how to restore headlights for your car? You definitely have said goodbye to the trouble. With the above given review, you now know how to clean foggy headlights without having to dig dip into your pocket. All you need to do is get yourself the Sylvania headlight kit and give your car’s headlights the brand new look they deserve. The kit comes with everything you will need for the fixing process so you won’t find trouble looking for installation tools once you purchase the product. Moreover, the sealer and the cleaner are provided in plenty so you have extra to reapply in case the first round doesn’t produce the expected results. With all that said, the Sylvania headlight kit remains to be the true brand headlight restoration over the years.

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