The Art Of Cigar Smoking For Men


    Do you want to smoke a cigar in the right way to relax, even though you are a novice? Get your cigar cutters ready because our definitive guide will teach you the art of cigar smoking.

    Cigars indicate style and class, and they are a quintessential part of a gentleman's image. However, not many men are aware of The Art Of Cigar Smoking For Men.

    Art Of Cigar Smoking

    Fair Warning:

    Preparing and lighting a cigar as a first-timer can be quite cumbersome. It may look pretty straightforward, although it isn't.

    Just like you cannot chug champagne from a tumbler, in the same way, you cannot smoke a cigar by following certain rules. There are a few subtle norms that every avid cigar smoker follows.

    Moreover, we think that every man should know a little bit about cigar smoking to save himself from being ridiculed.

    So, instead of cutting cigars wrongly, clumsily lighting it up, and puffing like an amateur, go through our tips. Our beginner's guide will not only let you enjoy the smoking experience, but it will make you look like you have done this before.

    Let's Get Started Art of Cigar Smoking

    1. Choose a Cigar and a Suitable Smoking Time

    Cigar Selection:

    Before jumping towards smoking a cigar, you might want to choose a mild cigar that is not too strong for beginners. Otherwise, it will ruin your entire experience.

    Especially if it is your first time trying cigars, you should look for the best ones. There is a big variety of cigars and the best ones are the world-famous Cuban cigars online among which there are different types of cigars such as Partagas cigars, Cohiba cigars and so on. So as a beginner it will be better to try one of them as they tend to be the best ones.

    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned smoker, selecting a cigar is crucial. If you think throwing your cash for an expensive option is the best decision. It might not!

    A significantly high price does not always mean that your item will be of high-quality. As a newbie, you want to go for a mid-tier cigar that has a manageable size.

    After selecting a cigar, take a closer look for slight imperfections. Inspect for any discoloration or cracks. Plus, also check by squeezing the cigar.

    The cigar will have soft spots or lumps if there is less tobacco in it. In contrast, if it is wrapped too tightly, it will result in hard spots; thus, it will make it hard to smoke. Furthermore, a well-constructed cigar will always have a consistent and firm texture.

    Smoking Time:

    If you want to smoke during the day, select a cigar according to its strength. Choose a short and light cigar because it will be ideal as a breakfast smoke or a first cigar. Moreover, the smoke time of a short cigar is 20 minutes.

    On the other hand, if you want to experience pure bliss after dinner, you need a full-bodied and a large cigar.

    It will satiate your palate and will immediately relax your body after a long, tiring day, according to Biomed Central. Furthermore, these large cigars can let you smoke up to two hours straight.

    2. Cigar Humidors; What Are They?

    These are the storage containers that maintain the optimum humidity level of cigars. You should store cigars at 17 to 23 degrees centigrade.

    Moreover, they are leaf products, and you must keep them at 65 to 70% humidity. The variation in moisture changes the cigars as well.

    If the humidity level is too low, your cigar can get too dry, and it will lose its flavor and aroma - two essential components of cigar smoking. In contrast, if the humidity level rises, your cigar will start developing mold, may rot, or tobacco beetles might infest your cigars.    

    However, we do not recommend beginners to purchase a cigar humidor immediately. Purchase a few cigars and keep them safely in a Tupperware container so that they do not dry out.

    If you do not smoke frequently, a humidor is a necessity for you. It will keep your cigars fresh for an extended period.

    Furthermore, cigar humidors can be a little hefty; therefore, if you think it might be out of your budget, you can opt for humi-pouches - humidified-lining plastic bags.

    3. It's Time to Cut Cigars

    Before lighting up your cigar, you need a cigar clipper or a cutter to cut the cigar's end. If you do not have a clipper or a cutter on hand, you can use a sharp scissor or knife instead.

    However, do not bite the cigar's end off. A cigar cutter will offer you the best smoking experience.

    Moreover, there are various styles of cutters out there through which you can clip off your cigars like v-cut or wedge cutters, single cutters or guillotine, punch cutters, etc.

    A guillotine is a simple and versatile item, and we recommend you to use this clipper. This cutter is the most typical way to cut the cigar, and it suits almost all cigars' shapes.

     Now, to cut the cigar, you have to follow these easy steps:
    • Hold your clipper and cigar in each hand.
    • Slice off ⅛-inch of the cigar's cap.
    • Snip the cap off in a strong and quick motion.

    Avoid cutting it too much. If you cut the cigar's body, it might unravel.

    4. Light it Up!

    Take your time when lighting your cigar because you want to make sure that it is evenly lit. You have lots of options to light up your cigar.

    You can use butane torch lighters, zippo, wooden matches, cigarette lighters, and soft flame butane lighters. However, do not use candles to light up your cigar, especially the scented ones. The scented candle can ruin your cigar's quality. 

    The ideal way to light up your cigar is by using butane lighters. Wooden matches do work, but they do not keep lit for longer periods.

    Moreover, a zippo tends to leave your cigar taste like a petrol station. Plus, a cigarette lighter can do the job, but many experts say that it affects the tobacco's flavor. 

    To light up your cigar, follow the steps along:
    • No matter what you choose, hold the cigar in your hand and place the cigar's foot above the flame to toast it lightly.
    • Do not stick it directly or touch the flame because it will ruin the flavor.
    • Rotate the cigar so that the foot's outer edges are evenly lit.
    • Before putting the cigar in your mouth, you want to burn its end to prime the tobacco.
    • You want the entire cigar's foot to be glowing.
    • Once you observe a bit of an orangey glow, it means that it will be easy to smoke at this point.

    5. Puff Away!

    After priming the cigar's foot, place the other end in your mouth, and begin puffing. Don't inhale the smoke, because if you do, it will make you cough hard, and you will feel ill.

    If you want to puff out clouds of smoke like you have done this a million times, try this hack. Instead of inhaling, pretend that you are sucking a drink through a straw.

    Fill your mouth with smoke, taste it, and then blow it all out. You have to repeat this procedure a few times until the cigar produces thick white clouds of smoke.

    Once it does, slow down because your stogie is sufficiently lit and will continue to burn independently. To keep your cigar lit, puff about every minute. Moreover, depending on your cigar's size, smoking can last from thirty minutes to two hours.

    6. Pair Cigar With Whiskey or Coffee

    Name a better iconic duo than this! Accompany a cigar with any one of your favorite drinks like a martini, coffee, or whiskey. Any stogie will suit a stellar quality espresso and many avid cigar smokers like Scotch.

    To enjoy and have the best experience, put soothing music in the background, and puff away with your favorite drink.

    Other Essential Tips

    1. Never Stub The Cigar To Smoke Away Later

    One essential tip is that never stub the cigar out to save it for later. The smoke becomes cold and stale, and when you relit, moisture in the cigar changes the taste into something disgusting.

    Moreover, there are a wide array of cigars available that offers different smoke time. You will find a cigar that will suit your time limit.

    2. Handle The Ashes

    As you gradually smoke, the cigar's foot will eventually develop ash. It is not necessary to tap it off like you typically do with a cigarette.

    The ash can grow to about an inch, and then you can tap it off. Bigger ash indicates that it is a good quality cigar.

    Remember not to let the ash grow super long; otherwise, it will hinder the airflow. As a result, the tobacco will burn irregularly, and it will affect the flavor.

    Furthermore, if you want to tap off the excess, you do not have to do like you would do with a cigarette. You only have to roll the cigar gently, or a gentle tap on the edge will do. You do have to smash it in the ashtray.

    Bottom Line

    These were the tips and tricks to smoke the cigar like a pro. Choose the cigar according to your time limit, slice its cap off, prime the tobacco by toasting the cigar's foot, and enjoy smoking.

    Now it's your turn to try it out!

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