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The Mental Side of Baseball Hitting


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    As many other games, baseball is a game of the mind. Despite the fact that physical energy has to be employed, the mind acts as the driver.

    Well, most hitters dwell much on the physical side, and that is why you will find them not going too far in the game. This is because most of them actually think this side of the game does not exist while other have any exist while others have no idea on how to use it.

    Hitting revolves around failure and as a hitter, you should understand that to avoid being discouraged. This is why the Mental Side of Baseball Hitting is very critical. If you hit the ball the wrong way, be sure to forgive yourself and try harder. This is way easier if you have the aspect of the mental side.

    If you want to be in charge of your performance, control yourself first. The following will enable you to make proper use of the mental side of baseball hitting.

    Everyone has different goals on why they play baseball. If someone asks you why you hit the ball and you have no answer, you are doing the wrong thing. How do you engage in something that you have no idea why you are doing it? You better call it a quit now.

    Your mission should be possible yet tough the going is, to ensure that you love and enjoy what you do keep in mind that you have to meet your goals.

    Find Out Your Special Purpose

    Your special purpose at the plate should be to keep it simple. It is better you have a win/win mental side of hitting approach than a win/lose approach. Handle the baseball to avoid the latter. You can learn these tactics from baseball legends such as Albert Pujols. His game is stunning.

    Staying In Control At The Plate

    At this point, the game is tough as you deal with emotions. Your mental side of hitting must be well defined for you to stay in control at the plate. It is not an easy thing as it sounds. But, the following things will enable you to keep your mental tactics I place;

    • Identify when you are not in control
    • Deep breathing
    • Use your time
    • Pick a focal point
    • Use a release action
    • Be confident

    Know Yourself

    You should know the pitches you hit best and those that you need to improve on. Know the locations as well. If you hit most balls at the strike zone, then that is the area you are good at.

    Be honest with yourself since this will help you to accept corrections when a fault occurs in the locations that you are not so good at. Your mental side of hitting should, thus, be clear.

    Trust Your Plan And Ability

    If you realize you are off balance, there is a likelihood that you are not trusting your goal or plans. Plan from your mental side to see what you can control.

    If you are in any doubts, feel free to use the things that will help you get back in control. Trust is vital, with it, you have the ability to do anything for positive results.

    • Other ways of enhancing mental side of baseball hitting
    • Pre-game warm-up
    • Don’t let the game speed up on you
    • Batting practice
    • Post-game learning

    As we all know, failure is a part of hitting. Be ready for anything but make sure you do your best. Do not let a single or several misses on the ball turn you down. Remember you have a goal, you know yourself and what you do best.

    Most of all, the trust in your plan and ability will drive you. Building a persuasive mental side of baseball hitting will enhance your ability to hit no matter the kind of pitcher you face. You might even outdo your baseball role model if you have one.

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