Things You Need To Know About Lawn Tools


    If you’re a homeowner and you have a lawn to take care of, good knowledge about lawn care tools is important. If you are more into hiring a lawn caregiving agency or a service that fulfills your needs in the home care and they do the gardens and lawns, you still need to have some important tools as your own and use them from time to time.

    This also helps the caregiving agency to make things more operational. In this article, I will get you through the things you should know and what tools you should have as you own in order to take good care of your home, garden, and lawn.

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    Operation variants Things You Need To Know About Lawn Tools

    Most of the power tools that are used in lawn care, in the past, they used to have two-stroke gasoline engines power. Users had to mix half oil with the gasoline to power up the engine. Although those types of engines are still in action, most of the homeowners and service providers are increasingly leaning towards electric lawn tools or hand-operated battery-powered tools.

    In fact, most of the battery-powered tools are becoming extremely efficient, such as with the modern lawn tools, you can swap the batteries from one tool to another and the fit just fine. You can use the same batteries in all of your lawn tools like a leaf blower, edger, string trimmer, and the idea goes even higher. You can use the same pack of batteries in your gardening tools such as in the hedge trimmer or small pruning saws.

    Another good thing about these batteries that they are rechargeable, so you don't have to go buy another battery for your next use. But the downside is that you have to get all the tools from the same brand to make the efficiency possible as the battery compatibility and the usability of different tools come with different brands. Ready research can help you more about what operation modes are really for your lawn depending on the type of your own lawn.

    Lawn Tools you should own

    Here is a list of the lawn tools you may consider having as your own, some of them are not so important to have if you are okay with hiring home services who do lawns and garden. But I will mention them if anybody interested in getting started with a professional approach to lawn care service.

    Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower is the most important lawn tool ever, as it does the main grass cutting job in the lawn, which keeps a very good look at your lawn. There are two types of Lawn Mower:

    Reel Mower - These mowers work with a set of laterally mounted blades that operated with a manual push mechanism. You have to push the tool forward to rotate the wheels and that will help the blades to rotate and scissor the grass.

    Rotary mower - This one is more like a ceiling fan. there are some spinning blades that rotate at a high speed, they are attached beneath a metal deck. And there is an electric or battery driven motor above the deck, which is attached to the blade set.

    String Trimmers

    The string trimmers come in different types but do the same job. This tool operates with a high-speed wiper attached to a nylon string and cut off the grass at high speed. This tool can reach narrow channels where the Mowers cannot reach because of the bulky size and design.


    The sprayer is one of the most frequently used lawn too you might want to own. To take good care of your lawn, you have to spray pesticides. Sprayers come in variations of sizes and types. The size of a sprayer can be anywhere from the half-gallon sprayer to the two-gallon sprayer. They come in types like hand spraying method and back-pack style sprayers, also there are battery-powered sprayers available in the market. For a regular size lawn and regular uses, a 1-gallon sprayer is enough to get it done. If you don't want to work with manual handling, get a motor sprayer, that will boost your efficiency. You can use it for spraying water, however, almost all of the home-owners use them as a pesticide sprayer.

    Things that will help you most

    There are other lawns and gardening tools that you can use for better productivity and you can do more with them such as:

    Rakes - As a homeowner, you must have at least 2 rakes for gathering the fallen leaves and other lawn debris.

    Spade - You also should own a shovel or more. For general lawn care, you can get a square-bladed spade for better efficiency while creating a planting area.

    Rain gauge - A turf-grass lawn requires about an inch of irrigation or rain every week. A rain gauge will help you keep your lawn super alive and green. Position the gauge in an open area rather than under a tree or any other shelter.

    Bottom line

    The above-mentioned tools are the most often used lawn tools that are used in a home lawn. But there are some other tools as well, which are used less frequently. So you can just skip buying them and rent them for a few bucks, tools such as edgers, Blowers, Vacuums, Lawn spreaders, De-thatcher, Lawn Aerator and so on.

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