5 Time Saving Tips For Mums & Dads


    It seems that being frantically busy is one of the main features of parenthood. Very often you may find yourself thinking that 24 hours in the day is not nearly enough time to do all of the things you have planned.

    However, there are some little life hacks that have shown to be life altering for parents who are having trouble with time management. If you often feel like you’re pressed for time, carry on reading to find out about our top time saving tips.

    Ultimate 5 Tips For Mums & Dads Ever

    Time Saving Tips for Mums And Dads

    1.Meal plan

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed when dinner time comes and you spend your valuable time thinking about what you should prepare, this is a hack you’ve been waiting for. Take a piece of paper and go through your household’s favorite meals and allocate the day of the week for each of them.

    You may even want to chop the vegetables you need ahead of time. This way you won’t spend your afternoons stressed and your family will have a healthy meal every day of the week.

    2.Use Milk Substitutes

    If you have a toddler, one of the best ways to save time is to feed them formula instead of breast milk. Nowadays, breast milk substitutes are made to contain all of the vitamins and minerals your child will need to healthily grow, all with the added benefit of less time consumption.

    If you’re a working mother, you know that pumping breast milk can sometimes take 30 minutes of your precious time. Thankfully, with formulas , you only need to add a couple of scoops to lukewarm water and your toddler’s meal is ready.

    3.Shop Online

    Whether it’s for groceries or other essentials, shopping in stores can be very time consuming. Thankfully, we live in the era when everything you will ever need and more is available online so you may save your valuable time by shopping online. 

    The other benefit of online shopping, apart from it being quicker, is that everything gets delivered to your door so you don’t have to haggle your groceries from your driveway. There’s yet another advantage to online shopping - you may consider reviews before you buy something.

     If you’re thinking of saving time by feeding your toddler milk substitute, you may want to check out this friso 3 review and find the adequate fit for your child more easily.

    4.Get Your Kids To Help You

    If you are a parent chances are that most of the household chores are done either by you or your partner. However, your kids are more than able to help no matter their age. If your kids are quite small, they can help with putting away their toys or even with loading the dishwasher. Older children or teenagers can help with the bigger tasks such as mowing the lawn.

    The easiest way to implement this change is to make a spreadsheet of all the weekly chores and write down who will do each task. When the task is done, it should be crossed out of the spreadsheet. If your kids need some extra motivation feel free to pay them a small fee for getting their work done.

    5.Cut Yourself Some Slack

    Being picture perfect should be thrown out of the window the moment you become a parent. Always striving for perfection in cleanliness, in your kids and in yourself is not sustainable in the long run. The pressure will inevitably make you crack.

    In order to release yourself from the stress, you should aim for getting things done rather than doing them perfectly. Also, don’t try to get everything done yourself - your partner is there for a reason. Another thing to have in mind is to get enough sleep. Trying to be productive when you’ve had a poor night’s sleep is a recipe for disaster. 

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