6 Timeless Style Tips & Tricks


    Styles come and go, along with trends that shape them. However, there are timeless style tips that will never be boring, redundant or funny, which is why it’s important to learn them in order to have a certain safety net that will always be there for you.

    When it comes to fashion, you should have a good sense of what’s classic, so you’ll know how to implement that properly. So if you’re looking to go back to basics, then here are some Timeless Style Tips & Tricks hacks that will live on forever.

    Timeless Style Tips & Tricks

    1. Red Lipstick

    Wearing red lipstick is popular among French women, considering that they’ve made it so vamp and stylish. Red lipstick is an instant confidence boost, so be sure to wear it whenever you want to look and feel your boldest. Just make sure to be careful when applying it, so it will look good on you. Also, don’t forget to choose the best shade of red, so it will complement your skin tone.

    Red Lipstick

    2. Little Black Dress

    If there’s one clothing item that will never lose its relevance, then it’s a little black dress. Popularized by wonderful Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast in Tiffany’s”, this now-iconic dress can be seen everywhere, which is no surprise: it can be simple, sexy, diverse, casual, and elegant. All of these traits make her an amazing quick fashion solution when you’re going to a special event that requires you to dress elegantly. If wearing short dresses isn’t your thing, feel free to opt for maxi dresses, as they’re equally pretty and can be matched with a wide variety of accessories.

    3. Buying The Right Clothes

    Sales exist for a reason, yet many people still end up overspending and buying things they don’t really like nor need. That’s why relying on sales to get the clothes you want might not always be the best idea, especially if you’re prone to buying many things at once. Instead, it’s better to buy throughout the year, focusing on clothes that you really like and need. Invest in different types of clothing such as ethnic wear, classic, preppy etc. That way, you might spend a bit more, but you’ll have clothes that you genuinely enjoy.

    4. A Statement Necklace (Or Any Other Jewelry)

    Jewelry is a perfect addition to any outfit. Simply, it’s due to the fact that any jewelry piece can make any outfit look good in an instant. Therefore, if you tend to wear monochromatic and simple outfits, a nice piece of jewelry can definitely spice things up. So if you’re thinking about treating yourself to some lovely pieces, then check out https://moonmagic.com for some extra ideas and inspiration. The great thing about jewelry is that you can keep things subtle or go a bit overboard, the choice is yours.

    5. Invest In A Bag Or Two

    Bags are also a huge part of being stylish, so it’s important to invest in a piece or two that you can match and combine with multiple different outfits. A quality tote bag and a cross-body bag are super convenient for day-to-day activities and running errands, while clutches are more suitable for fancy events or dinner dates. Having well-made, quality bags speaks a lot about your personal style, which is why it’s recommended to invest in them.

    6. Accept Yourself And Your Body

    Self-acceptance is often the best accessory that you can wear. Once you accept your flaws and learn to dress in a way that reflects that, you’ll see how the perception of yourself and your own style is going to shift in a good direction. Diet culture revolves around people’s insecurities, so it’s better and more fulfilling to accept yourself and live a healthier lifestyle than to obsessively worry about your flaws.


    These style and confidence tips and tricks will help you dress and look your best. But, you should also take some time and learn about your style and preferences, so you’ll be able to pick perfect clothes and accessories. Also, keep in mind that blindly chasing trends isn’t always the best solution, because building your own signature style is always a better and more sustainable idea.

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