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Tips for Hiring a Bouncy Castle – Everything You Need To Know


    Renting bounce houses in birthday parties or any festivals is becoming more popular for kids as well as for adults. But its important to consider where you live, how much space you have and what the conditions are from the supplier while deciding to hire a bouncy castle. The best you can do is to hire the castle from a local agency and let them do the full setup. If you are from Singapore, you can have a look at Jumppy's bouncy castle rental. Have a look at our eight best tips when you are planning on hiring a bouncy castle.

    Cool Bouncy Castle

    Hire From Local Reputed Company

    While planning to hire a bouncy castle, make sure to not to deal with any start-ups company. Better to contact a reputable local rental company. An effective advantage of hiring a well-known experienced agency is they have self-assurance of having the necessary skills and an organization that you can trust. Before choosing them, look at their online reviews and testimonials what other people say about them. You can visit their Facebook page or Google my business page to check the reviews they have. Previous clients' reviews can guide you to decide whether you should go with them or opt for another company.

    Space Requirements

    Spaces vary from place to place, home to home. Before renting a castle, make sure how much space you have to set up the castle. You can measure feet by feet or metre by metre and let the supplier know the spaces you have. As there are 3 sizes bouncy houses large, medium and small, they would suggest which one is perfect for you.

    Safety Concerns

    Kids safeness is a major consideration while hiring a castle. Check how many safety mats, sandbags as well as other safety essentials while contacting them. Inflatables should be re-pegged to ensure the safety aspects of the bouncy house and whether it is safe to operate.

    Players Concerns

    Each bouncy castle has a different weight holding capacity at a time. Make sure how many kids would play at a castle at a time. Let the supplier inform how many kids you have to play. If the number of kids is minimum, then you can go with a small castle where you need a medium to large castle is kids are over 8 to 10. And one more important consideration is their age as each castle has a weighing capacity.

    Contact details

    As an authentic company and customer caring company, an agency must have contact details in their website, Facebook page and all of their social media profiles they would maintain. To contact an organization, you need contact details such as office number or mobile number, or both. Usually, if a company has a specific telephone number it is a good indication that they have a physical address where they conduct business. It is worthwhile to provide a visit to the company's physical location and meet in person with the manager or company representative. Ask questions you aren't sure about. Only if you are delighted with all the information you have received and have established the legitimacy of the company, go ahead and pay for the bouncy castle.

    Weather Concern

     It's been a while since you've planned a great day, when it's not raining! See the weather forecast in the moments before your event. If it seems to be raining, ask your bouncing castle rental company if they can use a covering bouncing castle for them. Avoid using long bouncing castles or slides on very windy days.

    Quality Measure

    Make sure the bouncy castle for any signs of excess wear and tear that could result in it puncturing or collapsing. A quick and fast check of the seams is worth carrying out to notice if any breakage or weakness is apparent if you aren't happy with the quality of the bouncy castle that has been delivered to you inform the supplier company before you use it. Your kids will be using the castle, so if you feel there is a health and safety hazard don't take any risks.

    Bouncy Castle


    Dealing with any professional company is a big plus for you as they handle everything professionally. Make sure the operators have iPublic Liability insurance and are an established company that has been operating without incident for a couple of years.

    These are all eight steps you need to know before hiring a bouncy castle. Although we've covered everything, it's wise to make detailed conversation with the castle suppliers.

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