6 Tips To Edit Instagram Reels


    Instagram Stories rose to fame as soon as it was introduced in the market. It also resulted in the dampening of Snapchat's constant growth. That was about 2016.

    Now in 2020, Instagram revealed Instagram Reels that have come as tough competition for TikTok, the popular video-sharing podium. At present, no known influencer, celebrity, or sports team is away from using Instagram for business.

    However, getting the best out of Instagram reel ideas can be a bit difficult if the editing part is not carried out correctly. From beginner to professionals, here is a complete guide to editing Instagram Reels. You will find 6 crucial tips in this section:

    Tips To Edit Instagram Reels

    1. Record Excessively on Instagram

    Looking to give a boost to your Instagram Reels editing endeavor? Not a problem if you work on this vital tip of recording as many shots and footage as possible on the app.

    For those making lip-syncing or in-trend videos, it will be much easier to shoot in the app because sounds are playing in the background.

    Once the filming part is over, the video can be saved to the camera roll and in the form of a draft on the app. This helps in ensuring there is a backup in case the drafts get damaged. Also, make sure to batch the filming as and when possible.

    2. Cut on Action For Transitions

    It is important to cut on action to create a sense of constant and fluid movement. Nevertheless, it is crucial to know when to cut on action. Cutting too early can hamper the fluidity of the movement, and the entire shot will appear jarred.

    In the same way, cutting too late can miss the impact of the shot, and the cut will be easily noticeable. This technique is also perfect for creating transitions of oneself. Perhaps, for this, you will have to plan early on.

    3. Use the Right Editing Tool

    Now, this is probably one of the essential points. Once you have completed the recording part of your video, you must put the recording together in a folder. This folder can either be on your smartphone or your computer.

    Favorite the videos so you can find them easily. Speaking of the best tools, you can go for InVideo’s Instagram video editor that comes loaded with some of the best features and templates. This is a great video editing tool that can help you in creating clean and smooth Instagram reels.

    One thing that you must also pay attention to is batch editing your reels. You don't need to add text; make a cover; write captions, and do various other things as you record a reel simultaneously.

    Instead, it is suggested you shoot all the videos you are looking to make and then batch edit them step-by-step. You can do this on some other day after recording the reels. You can make the cover images one day, and the other day you can work on the captions.

    4. Smooth Wipe

    With digital cameras gaining huge momentum since the 2000s, there has been an increase in videos being shot in a single take. Filmmakers trick the viewers into thinking that a complex and long shot was taken in one go by passing the camera in front of an object, stopping the shoot, and then starting again from behind the same object.

    Editors then cut both the shots together when they are behind the object. The same thing can be done on Instagram Reels. If you follow this procedure, it will give you a smooth-looking edit.

    What you need to do is take your smartphone and simply pass it behind something. This can be a person, door, or anything that blocks the phone camera. Next, in a similar direction, start your smartphone from behind the object while moving outward.

    There is this trim tool available in Reels that can be used for cutting excess video footage. You can use the tool for cutting the first shot behind something and then the second one exactly behind the same thing.

    5. Use Instagram's Align Tool

    Instagram's Align Tool

    So, you want to create Instagram Reels filled with instant object changes and outfit transformations. The process requires editing on the action. However, the process can get complicated if the object or the person being shot is not in action.

    Thankfully, Instagram's in-built Align Tool can help you do this without facing any problem. You can create a wonderful recording on Instagram simply by opening the app and using its Align tool.

    It will help you remove objects and change outfits like a breeze. The tool shows an overlay of your prior video clip letting the users align themselves in the overlay position properly. The preview might look blurry initially.

    Remember, this whole procedure is not as easy as it sounds to be. You will have to put a lot of patience into this.

    6. Join Them If You Cannot Get Over Them

    Last but not least, if you go through the presented Instagram reels algorithmically, you will find a constant and recurring theme with both music and editing tricks used. The editing tropes and tracks on Instagram are used all the time and constantly until there is a new trend rolling up.

    Of course, it does not promote originality in anyways but following engaging and popular trends on the platform is one good way of catching the attention of the non-followers.

    The Bottom Line

    Hopefully, these six tips on editing Instagram Reels will help you out even before you think of creating pro-level videos. These tips will improve the speed of your editing workflow for Instagram Reels.

    Editing Reels can be an arduous task, but not when you follow the tips mentioned above. These tips will streamline your editing procedure and help you create some of the best Reels. So, it's time for you to have super fun in making your Instagram Reels.

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