Toilette vs Parfum: What’s The Difference?


    Choosing the right perfume can be a process, especially if you lack sufficient experience. But, there are also certain differences between various perfume brands, which is why it’s essential to do your research, so you could be sure that you’re making the right decision. 

    Also, if you’ve been browsing perfume in the past, you’ve probably noticed that there are toilette, and parfum types of fragrances, so if you want to know more, then read this text to learn about different characteristics between the two, so you’ll be able to pick the right one. Moreover, you can visit to find the best perfume collection online.

    Toilette vs Parfum

    It’s All About The Intensity

    The main difference between the two lies in the intensity of smell. Parfum tends to have a stronger smell and a bigger concentration of pure perfume. This happens because sometimes, a perfumer tends to mix over 100 ingredients of different scents. 

    The result is called pure perfume or perfume oil. So, in order to determine the right strength of the perfume, the perfume oil is mixed with a solvent, usually alcohol. However, some perfume makers prefer to use unscented oil or wax.

    So, Why Alcohol?

    Alcohol is easily available, plus the transport is convenient for perfume substances and ingredients. Also, it makes the product much easier to spray, since alcohol tends to evaporate quite quickly, which only leaves fragrance on the skin. Besides, alcohol has almost no scent, which is why it’s a practical solution. Also, it has a cooling effect on the skin.

    Toilette And Parfum - The Difference

    The difference is about the concentration of pure perfume oil. So eau de toilette has the lowest concentration, while eau de cologne contains a larger concentration of citrus ingredients and about 2-4% of pure perfume oil. On the other hand, Eau de parfum, contains the highest amount of pure perfume oil, mostly about 20-40%. In the perfume industry, eau de toilette and Eau de parfum are the most common and widely used formulas.

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    Choosing The Right Formula

    The formula of your choice will largely depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you work a job that requires you to be subtle and professional, then eau de toilette is a perfect choice, as it’s gentle and not too overpowering. 

    On the other hand, if you enjoy going out and attending gala events, Eau de parfum might be right for you, since it’s stronger and leaves a bigger impression. Sometimes, the formulas may be identical, and the only thing that differs is the concentration of pure perfume.

    Know Your Signature Scent

    When you know your signature scent (or combination of), choosing the fragrance will be a much easier process. The first step toward learning this is to try as many different scents as possible. That way, you’ll be able to figure out what you like, and what you’d rather avoid. 

    Also, feel free to start with lighter scents first, such as musky or aqueous ones. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, then feel free to ask someone who’s more knowledgeable to help you out. Knowing to differentiate between various scents and formulas can be of big help when choosing your signature scent.


    The difference between toilette and parfum lies in the concentration of pure perfume or perfume oil. Choosing the one that works for you should always depend on your preferences, and of course, your budget. Therefore, take your time to test out all the options, until you find your signature scent.

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