Top 5 Paint Sprayers In 2022


    Paint sprayers are being used more and more, and this is not by chance, but because they are three times faster than a brush. Here, you will see 5 proposals, so you will have no more excuses for not renewing your painting kit.

    After analyzing the current paint spray market, we made a selection of the Top 5 Paint sprayers. Below, we'll show you the details of each model so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    1. Wagner W500

    Wagner W500

    First of all, we bring you one of the novelties of the market. This paint spray model is halfway between home and professional use. As a result, we have a powerful machine that offers great benefits.

    It has a power of 370W and a capacity of 1.8 liters. Its dispenser is highly accurate and is especially recommended for use with acrylic paint. In addition, it consists of a 1.8-meter long tube that makes painting much easier.

    The weight is 3.5 kg. It is true that it is quite a heavy model, but we must keep in mind that it has a high capacity. Regarding its price, it is around 100 to 120 dollars.

    2. Bosch PFS 1000

    Bosch PFS 1000

    The second model of paint sprayer we bring is more modest and manual than the previous one. However, we do not mean that it is of inferior quality. We simply must buy the one that best suits our needs.

    The Bosch PFS 1000 model is characterized by its compact design. In addition, it has some very intuitive options that regulate the amount and pressure of the ink. It weighs 2 kg and has a capacity of 800 milliliters. Its price is about 50 dollars.

    3. Black & Decker HVLP400

    Black & Decker HVLP400

    We continue with another paint spray model from one of the most trusted brands on the market. We chose this model for its versatility, precision, price, and performance. Without a doubt, it is an option to be considered. Due to its precision, it is perfect for painting wooden furniture in the garden and leaving no corner unpainted.

    Its main qualities are side filling, simple cleaning and flow control indicator. Weighs only 900 grams, so it is perfect for beginners because of its lightweight. The most surprising thing is its price: only 25 dollars.

    4. Wagner W95 130 BAR

    This model is the same brand as the first of the paint sprayers we present. It is a simpler and more functional pistol at a lower price.

    It serves both internal and external use and has a capacity of 750 milliliters. This makes it quite light, as it weighs only 1.5 kg. Another interesting fact is that the brand offers a two-year warranty. Something to consider when deciding on a model. The price is around 30 dollars.

    5. Cevik CE-HV651

    Cevik CE-HV651

    If you are going to use different types of paint with different densities, this is an option to consider. In addition, it also has a comfortable regulator with three positions that will facilitate work.

    Its 2 meter hose provides comfort and autonomy to this model. The weight is 2 kg, and the tank capacity is 600 milliliters.

    Buying Guide - How To Choose An Electric Spray Gun?

    As with any purchase that is going to be made, it is important to always keep in mind what are the most important characteristics that the product must possess to be considered quality, this saves time, money and avoids having an unpleasant moment.

    Although each model adapts to different needs, the expectation of buyers is always focused on obtaining the best on the market that is why we bring you a shortlist of all the features that a good paint sprayer must possess.


    Design is the most important part, especially since it encompasses different characteristics that will determine if it meets the expectations of use. This part reflects the weight, which must be according to the user's strength, the length of the hose to know how many extensions it can cover without having to move the machine too much by simply moving the gun.


    Spray capabilities are important in determining the different techniques that can be applied during the process. This action is directly related to the power of the gun and the nozzles that it includes.

    Some models have a special function to regulate the type of jet the gun will launch, adjusting and selecting the option that best suits the object to be painted.

    Spray Patterns

    Not all objects and surfaces where the paint is applied are the same, some have a better finish with a thin and light coverage, while others need a more constant and hard current. It is best to find a machine that has variety in the spray pattern, especially if it is to be used in various projects.


    Power is one of the most important factors, it is a fundamental part because it is what directly influences the operation of the sprayer, it depends on whether or not it is efficient. It also determines the type of paint that can be used to spray.

    Types Of Paint Guns

    There are several types of paint guns to choose from, each one adapts to different needs you may have. They are characterized by having different modes of action, some are better for domestic use and others with greater resistance for more frequent commercial use. Knowing the types can be of great help when choosing the one that best suits your own requirements and expectations.


    They are those that work with a compressed air system, they are used for different purposes such as smooth finishes, small or medium walls and even for automotive use, although it is likely that the thickness of the paints will need to be diluted, still, the job is done. it will be of high quality.

    Without Air

    These work through a high-pressure system, they provide a neat coverage in large spaces for a fairly short time, this is because with this type of guns there is no overspray of the paint as in other styles, it is perfect to be used both outdoors and indoors.

    Low Pressure And High Volume

    This particular gun uses a high amount of air pressure to break the paint and spray it, resulting in an effect called paint mist, which is when the excess content released by the nozzle is reduced, which benefits in the waste of material, but makes it difficult to cover large surfaces in a short time.

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