Top Life Hacks for Pre-Lockdown Shopping


    Ever since the very first lockdown, we all have learned one thing that everyone is guilty of- panic buying. Companies found that there was an increase of 80% of sales last March 2020 due to ‘panic buying’ for food and household supplies. The demand for supplies such as soap, canned items and most especially toilet paper went up to 25% per week. If you were one of the many waiting in line at the grocery store, you were bound to arrive inside with empty shelves and yes, a lack of toilet paper supply. Indeed those times were shocking, and it is something to be alarmed by. Panic buying and hoarding is not only greedy, but also unsustainable. It is a fact that wealthier households stocked up and hoarded most of the supplies. This led to less well-off households with little to no supplies left for them.

    Pre-Lockdown Shopping

    An ever so greedy act, the pre-lockdown hoarding showed humanity’s true colors. Though there are many grocery stores who limit their supplies per person, one does not know until when supplies will last. How can we, as consumers and survivors, avoid long lines and lack of supplies? How can we help those who need supplies more than us? In this article we have a long list of life hacks for pre-lockdown shopping you can do for an easier and hassle free grocery or supply shopping day.

    5 Life Hacks for Pre-Lockdown Shopping

    1.Shop ahead of time

    This is the number 1 life hack everyone should know. By shopping ahead of time, you avoid the panic buyers, hoarders, and the long lines too! Stocking up on supplies that you need for the next few weeks even without the pandemic is a smart move. We never know what can happen next, and it’s safe to say you can sleep at night knowing you have enough supplies all stocked up.

    2.Shop Online

    Since the pandemic, most if not all stores and even restaurants have switched online. Going out is dangerous nowadays and you never know what diseases you can bring home. Before lockdown, make sure you order your groceries and supplies online to avoid items being out of stock. Another life hack, is to go to RebatesMe and get a walmart coupons so that you can get discounts on your groceries!

    3.Opt to buy from other establishments

    There are many more establishments you can shop at other than your local target, or walmart. You can go to pharmacies, get food delivered, and if worse comes to worst, you can always shop at your local gasoline station. They may not have everything you need, but they have a few things that can help you survive- even for a few days.

    4.Only buy what you need

    Set an example to those around you and stop the cycle of hoarding. Buy only what you need, the less people who hoard, the more people are able to shop for their needs. You can always go back to the grocery store if you run out of supplies.

    5.Line up first thing in the morning

    The early bird gets the worm they say, and indeed they do. Waking up early to do your groceries is great because there are less people lining up, and it is much safer as you can social distance your way inside the grocery store.

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