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    Many are times most surfaces in our home don’t look quite pleasant simply because of negligence. This also happens with our vehicles too. Did you know that a simple polish over the surfaces in your home could give it a brand new pleasant look?

    That’s absolutely correct. Well, if you haven’t used a surface polish before it may really be problematic for you to be able to make a choice from the several brands that you will come across at the store. For that reason, we bring you topcoat F11 review with a detailed discussion of this nail polish that’s one among the best in the market.

    From polishing surfaces in your home to polishing your vehicle, this is absolutely a great choice surface polish. To begin with, let’s look at the table below highlighting the details of the Topcoat F11 Master-Craftsman polish.

    topcoat f11 review

    Details of Topcoat f11 review


    Top Coat


    Water based formula


    Water and debrsi


    Water based and Eco Friendly

    Review Points of TopCoat F11 Master -Craftsman

    TopCoat F11 Master

    Here, we are not just blowing horns and whistles to make the product look good but we get to discuss real features that you will get to experience once you purchase this one of a kind piece.

    Eco Friendly:

    You don’t want to have your home surfaces looking all lovely under the expense of your health. With this I mean you cannot afford to purchase surface polish that will leave you with negative health effects. Well, the Topcoat F11 is not one among that kind since it’s prepared with water based formula that leaves you as healthy as it finds you. This is thanks to the manufacturer’s avoidance of using harsh abrasives or solvents while preparing the polish.

    Superior Protection:

    Other than beautifying surfaces in your home, this polish also keeps your home surfaces protected from grime, bugs, dirt and even rain. You will realize that the polish has a non-stick capability that prevents debris build up on the painted surface. In turn, this makes maintaining cleanliness with Topcoat polished surfaces quite effortless.

    Natural Touch:

    Do you love the natural look of your home and are afraid to lose it through this surface polish? You don’t need to worry. Topcoat had that in mind while manufacturing the polish. This polish will only make the glossy surfaces in your home resemble a glass look with the dull ones looking all new! With this, there won’t be any trace of artificial shine on the polished areas.

    Zero Preparation:

    Another good thing with this polish is that you won’t need some sort of know-how on how to mix it up with water. This is because it comes ready for use right from the store. With this, all you will need is accuracy for spraying it uniformly, which isn’t quite a big deal. Furthermore, you will be in a position to save time that you would have used in the step by step mixing procedures that come with other brands of surface polish.


    One thing that’s for sure is that every single application you make of the topcoat F11 polish is there to last up to 6 months; it’s not something that’s here today and gone tomorrow. This is attributed to its effective features mentioned above that work to ensure that you enjoy the longest service from the polish. Moreover, the multi-layer application that makes the polish last longer also provides protection from harsh elements while providing utmost elegance as well.

    Withstands high Temperatures:

    It may be a bit limiting to have a surface polish that’s flammable because it will restrain you from coating some areas of your home due to its flammability. For that reason, this F11 top coat is not flammable. With this, you can apply the polish on all the flame sensitive areas in and around your home including your car’s engine or the top of your glass gas stove.

    Exposing Imperfections:

    You realize that many are the times there are concealed water spots or paint deficiencies you don’t usually notice on your usual cleaning. Not only does the F11 polish give your surfaces a sparkling effect but it also exposes the concealed water spots. This way you will achieve having spotless clean surfaces in your home.

    Eliminating Oxidation:

    If you are an angler, this Topcoat could save you a great deal in enhancing the longevity of your boat. Well, we all know that the more your boat is exposed to oxidation the more it’s likely to wear out quickly. For that reason getting the F11 polish to coat your boat will reduce the oxidation level in turn enhancing your boat’s life.

    Masking Capability:

    Swirls and spider web marks can create quite an unsightly appearance in the house. If you have this around your home and you have been wondering how to get rid of them, this amazing polish is all you need. Once you spray the polish in any of the areas with these unsightly marks you will be surprised how much transformation you will see. Basically, you won’t be able to place a finger on the spots that previously had the spider web marks.


    If you really want to get some value for your money, the Topcoat f11 is the real deal. Reason being that it comes with the multi-purpose function. It restores, coats, and protects surfaces. With that, no matter what purpose you buy the product for, all three functions will come in handy.

    Residue Free:

    If you are regularly involved in painting you must have come across some particular kind of paintings that tend to leave a white residue on the surface once you are done with the painting. This is normally quite unpleasant especially if you desire a shiny finish from the coating. To save you from such disappointments, the Topcoat f11 is specially made to leave a spotless finish without a single trace of white residue.


    If you have any area in your home or your car that really needs the water resistance feature, this Topcoat polish will be a great remedy for you. This is because it creates a water-resistance effect wherever it is applied. This makes it quite ideal for windshields and glass windows in your home.

    No Damage:

    Want a surface polish that won’t leave you with damaged surfaces? Topcoat f11 is the way to go. If you do your polishing carefully as instructed by the manufacturer you definitely won’t experience any damage during the polishing process.

    Saves on Money:

    Though expensive, the product also saves money. Featured with multi-surface application, it eliminates the need for spending on other coating agents. Also, the polish superior coating lasts up to 6 months so you definitely will need to purchase it only like twice a year. Those are some of the top features that our topcoat f11 review covers that you should know.

    Highlighted features:

    • Eco-friendly
    • Water – resistant
    • Multi-purpose
    • Durability
    • Inflammability
    • Requires zero mechanical buffing
    • Protects surfaces from debris accumulation


    • It resists water and debris formation
    • It is inflammable thus can be used on grills, stove tops and engines
    • It maintains a natural look on your surfaces
    • The polish lasts long you will only need to do a re-polish once every six months
    • Topcoat f11 ingredients are eco-friendly thus they don’t expose you and your family to negative health effects
    • Cleaning the coated surfaces becomes easier enabling you to maintain a sparkling clean home without much effort
    • The paint comes ready for use in that you don’t have to use water or other chemicals for preparation


    • Some customers find the product a bit expensive for the amount of polish in return


    1. Can I Use The Topcoat F11 With My Vehicle?

    Absolutely yes, you can use it on your vehicle; actually the coating will enable you to clean it using water only.

    2. Does The Paint Have Any Side Effects Health Wise?

    No, it is made free from harsh abrasives that may cause harm healthwise.

    3. How Long Does The Polish Last?

    To maintain an attractive surface you can apply the polish after every six months.

    4. Can The Polish Be Applied Under Direct Sunlight?

    Yes, the polish can be applied under direct sunlight but it gives better results if applied under moderate temperatures.

    4. Does The Paint Freeze?

    A: Yes it does freeze. However you should note that if it freezes 3 to 4 times it becomes ineffective.

    Our Verdict

    If you have been looking for that perfect polish to refurbish your home or vehicle, this top coat f11 will be ideal for you. From being eco-friendly to being inflammable, it will take care of most of the polishing needs of your home. Moreover, the application process has two simple processes.

    First, you soak it into a micro-fiber pad then rub it against the area that needs polishing. This should be done section after section. Secondly, once you are done with the first round you should follow up the already polished surface with a clean micro-fiber towel to ensure that the paint fully penetrates to create a shiny attractive look.

    I hope you love this Topcoat f11 review. And it helps to take the decision.

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