How To Turn Paddle Boarding Into An Excellent Workout


    No matter what season it is, getting into the water is always a good idea. If you're looking for a new workout regime or want to turn your time outdoors to burn some calories, paddle boarding can be a fun activity to take up.

    If you’re wondering, is paddleboarding a good workout? Then the answer to that is yes, it is a spectacular workout that burns some serious calories. It can give you a full-body workout within a short time and is an excellent recreational activity too.

    How To Turn Paddle Boarding Into An Excellent Workout

    Having The Ideal Equipment

    Before planning your paddle boarding experience, you should invest in a good-quality paddleboard or look into renting options. If this is your first-time experience, it would be better to rent a paddleboard to see if you like the activity or not.

    For beginners, long paddleboards can feel heavy and lengthy. You can begin with regular paddleboards and make the switch to Stand-up paddleboards (SUP) when you’ve gained more experience on the water.

    SUP boards are longer and heavier than regular paddles. Start paddleboarding in shallow waters at first and venture into deeper waters when you’ve become comfortable with the rocking motion and have gained balance.

    Turning Your Paddleboarding To A Workout

    Turning Your Paddleboarding To A Workout

    You can paddleboard lying down, sitting down, or standing up. While you can have an ideal upper body workout even when you’re paddleboarding sitting down, it is more efficient to paddleboard standing up.

    Stand-up paddleboarding gives your entire body a workout and strengthens your core muscles too. When you maintain balance on the paddleboard, both your core muscles and legs are exerted, while the constant movement of your hands strengthens your upper body.

    You might feel extremely sore after your first time paddleboarding, especially if you don't regularly work out or exercise. This soreness means that your muscles are being stretched and exerted.

    How Many Calories Can You Burn?

    Calories Can You Burn

    Whether you paddleboard sitting down or standing up, it can mean you’re burning a different number of calories. On average, paddleboarding can burn up to 300 calories per hour with no winds or rocky waves.

    If you're looking to burn extra calories, try going paddleboarding when there is a bit of wind, as going against the wind will have more resistance and burn more calories.

    Many people also opt to do paddleboard yoga, which has become a fun way to burn more calories than a regular session. You can burn around 500 calories per hour with a good yoga paddleboarding session.

    Have A Good And Fun Workout

    While paddleboarding is an excellent way to get a workout and have fun exploring, you can burn more calories while swimming. Always have the appropriate safety gear with you when you’re going paddleboarding to avoid a mishap.

    If you wonder “is paddleboarding a good workout,”you have your answers in this post. If you're going to be out during a hot day, make sure to apply sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt.

    Paddleboarding can improve your balance and stability using your core muscles and strengthen your back as well. It will naturally improve your posture over time too. With the right diet and paddleboard regime, you can lose weight easily through this workout.

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