6 Types Of Bikes For Mountain Biking Enthusiasts


    Even though biking over mountains isn't an easy feat, it's one of the world's most popular outdoor activities. The thrill of riding fast through stunning, scenic surroundings is unmatched. However, every mountain biker needs a special kind of bike to set off on the mountains for an ultimate riding experience.

    For bikers on a budget, some of the best mountain bikes under 500$ can be a great option. There are many sturdy bikes in this price range that can withstand rough pathways while also ensuring the rider is comfortable.

    Given below are the best types of mountain bikes to buy based on specific requirements?

    Types Of Bikes For Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

    Which Is The Best Type Of Mountain Bike To Buy?

    Whether you’re an avid biker or just a beginner, a dependable mountain bike is a necessity. Check out some of the top mountain bike options below.

    1. Trail Bikes

    These are among the most popular types of mountain bikes. They are built to last long and handle all kinds of rough terrains - from dangerously slanting downward hills to complex climb-ups.

    Also, they are flexible to rider needs. Most of these bikes are lightweight and super comfortable to ride long distances.

    2.Cross Country Bikes

    Such types of bikes are tailor-made to suit the needs of riders who love racing and going on cross-country bike marathons. They have excellent efficiency and are easy to maneuver through dense forests, gravel paths, uneven fields, and steep descents. Also, they have a great riding position to help bikers enjoy the race comfortably.

    3.Enduro Or All-Mountain Bikes

    You can get some of the best mountain bikes under 500$ to ride solely on unpredictable mountain terrain. Enduro Mountain bikes are designed to help you conquer harsh turns, difficult ascends, and steep slopes. They can also jump higher than most other mountain bikes. With this, you can make easier ascents and smoother descents.

    4.Fat Bikes

    These types of bikes are helpful to ride on terrains that need especially thick and wide tires. For instance, you could use them on snowy or sandy landscapes.

    You can get tires as broad as 4 to 5 inches to ride over complex grounds. They provide greater stability on such unpredictable surfaces and prevent falls. They are also comfortable for long-distance rides.

    5.Downhill Mountain Bike

    On the heavier side, this bike is great for a flawless downhill mountain biking experience. It has a distinct design with wide handlebars, low seating, and thick tires. The build helps the bike maintain optimal gravity while allowing the bike to race downhill effortlessly. It can make high jumps and handle shocks during the ride with considerable ease.

    6.Freeride Mountain Bike

    This is a special kind of bike, incorporating the best features of a cross-country and a downhill bike. A popular choice among pro bikers, the freeride mountain bike allows the rider to maintain balance on super steep biking terrains. It’s great for sudden drops and extra-long jumps. Also, it is easy to take the bike through tricky obstacles along the trail.

    All the above are staunch, trustworthy mountain bikes. Nevertheless, make sure you check the bike's compatibility with your riding style and terrain before buying it.

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