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    To transfer important documents and desired graphical art from a computer to a paper, a printer is a must. But at this time, a printer is not only used for printing official documents but also used for scanning, copying, and printing high-resolution pictures.

    There are different types of printer and each printer has several usages and features. At first, you have to know your needs and expectations from a printer and then select a preferable printer according to your budget.

    If you are distracted about what type of printer you need, then glance over the article and you will get a complete idea of what kind of printer you should have.  

    Let Know About Different Types Of Printer

    types of printer

    Heat Transfer Types of Printer

    In today’s world, designing different types of apparel by heat press has become a popular way. In the heat transfer process, you need a special featured printer that provides high-quality print for heat transfer.

    Laser printer and Inkjet printer both can use for the heat transferring process. In the below, you will get perfect ideas about those two printers.

    a) Laser Printer

    The laser printer uses a laser beam to print out a picture or any kind of documents on a paper. It is a revolutionary invention by Xerox that has left behind of all time printers. It is also popular for the heat transfer process. It can print a huge number of sheets in less time.


    • It can print a large number of sheets in a shorter period of time
    • It provides high-quality printout
    • The non-printing effect will stable for long-term use


    • It is the most expensive printer of all
    • It can cause environmental pollution
    • Requires short warm-up times

    b) Inkjet Printer

    The inkjet printer is a popular printer for high-quality graphics and documents. It sprinkles droplets of ink on the paper and provides images and texts as expected. Its specialty is, it is the most used printer for the heat transfer process. It is cheaper and smaller than the laser printer.


    • The inkjet printer is cheaper and smaller than other printers. So, it can easily carry from one place to another.
    • It is very easy to use and provides realistic images and texts
    • It saves time because it has no 'warm-up time' and prints the high-quality output in a short time.


    • The print head is flimsy and amenable to clogging and damages
    • The liquid ink that is used for printing, is not waterproof. A small drop of water can blur the printing paper
    • It is not as fast as a laser printer

    Solid Ink Printer

    Solid ink printer is an unparalleled technical system that dissolves solid ink sticks during printing. Its main objective is to save cost and space for packaging. It is easy to use and it reduces the possibility of being scattered ink on paper and damaging important documents.


    • It provides high-quality images with more vibrant
    • It can print 55 pages in a minute and also provides high-resolution documents
    • Its enriched technological system provides long-time continuous services


    • It takes some minutes to warm up, which will waste your time
    • It consumes more power for melting ink so it needs a huge amount of voltage to run gently
    • Solid ink prints may fade under sunlight

    Multi-function Printer (MFP)

    A multi-function printer is not only a printer machine. It is a combination of printer, copier, scanner, and fax into one machine. Whoever needs these items regularly and wants a budget-friendly device, a Multi-function printer will be his/her best choice. It doesn’t need too much power supply to run so, it reduces the cost of the users.


    • Cost-saving for providing more than one feature in one machine
    • Rather than keeping printer, copier, scanner, and fax you can keep only one Multi-Function printer and save space
    • It only needs one cord to power set up that’s why it absorbs less electricity


    • If one function stops to work, then other functions may stop
    • Because it is multi-functioned, its features are not as advanced as a single-functioned device
    • It is not as fast as other printers do

    3d Printer

    3d printer is a groundbreaking invention of all time. It produces three dimensional solid objects by laying down layers of plastic. It prints realistic objects as shown in a digital frame. The printer provides multiple features of the 3D process and prints a demanding object in a very short time.


    • 3d printer allows more complex and advances prints than transitional printers
    • The use of plastic melt for producing demand parts makes it more light and clear
    • It only uses the material that it needs to produce, doesn't waste any material


    • All plastics and metal are not temperature controlled. So, only a limited selection of plastics can be used as its material
    • Needs high cost for processing a single 3d print

    Though the world has been becoming digitalized day by day the use of printer doesn’t decrease. A printer has been used in offices and also houses from ancient times. Before buying a printer you have to know about your need and demand.

    Under these above circumstances, you can get a perfect idea about what types of printer you need to buy. New models are releasing every day so, you should have a precious idea about all printers because all printers do not provide the same features.

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