How To Use Acoustic Panel To Protect Your House From Noise?


    Acoustic panel are soundproofing panels that can be installed in a room or studio to get rid of noise coming from other room or outside or your house. While recording a song or creating music in your studio, I’m sure you will want your attention to be on music rather on the noise coming outside. Acoustic panels have the ability to absorb echoes and vibration of the noise.

    When To Use Acoustic Panel?

    How To Use Acoustic Panel To Protect Your House From Noise

    As we already discussed, acoustic panels absorbs sounds and echoes and get rid of unnecessary noise. If you run a studio in noisy area or in your house, acoustic panels will work best for you. As it absorbs unwanted sound and vibrations.

    How To Choose Acoustic Panels?

    People are getting impress of this invention day by day. They know the importance of acoustic panels in their house. Acoustic panels are made up of foam with different sizes, shapes and thickness. Before buying panels for your house, you must consider the following things:

    The Panel Thickness

    Acoustic panel have thickness of one, two or four inches. The thicker the panel is, the more sound it will absorb.

    The Panel Shape

    Acoustic panel are of different shapes including flat surface, pyramid and egg shape.


    Noise reduction coefficient is the rating of acoustic panel. It consists of 0 to 1 rating. The higher the rating is the more sound will be absorbed.

    The Panel Size

    Panel size is as important as shapes and thickness with NRC. Large surface area will have more acoustic panel.

    How To Install Acoustic Panel In Your House?

    It’s not a rocket science to install acoustic panels. It is just like sticking wallpaper on the wall. Sand down the surface area and clean it with a piece of cloth or tissue paper. Apply adhesive on the panel, especially on the corners of the panel and stick it to the wall. There is many videos on you tube, you can watch before installing acoustic panels.

    If you are running a studio, then it is highly recommended to use acoustic panels. But it doesn’t mean that you should not have acoustic panels if you are not running a studio. Acoustic panels can improve visual appearance of your room as well. It comes in design of sculpture shapes. You don’t have to buy expensive wall paintings for your entire room. Panels can be of different customized colors as well.

    It can be printed one too. Apart from designing and decorating the walls with the acoustic panels, let me increase your knowledge more. The sound waves travels in a room. it strikes with the things present in the room. as it strikes with the acoustic panel and absorbs the sound. The fuller the room with things like, bed, chairs, paintings on the wall etc. the more sound these things will absorbs.

    Don’t forget the ceiling of your room as well. You might cover the walls but the room just over your room will be still having the unwanted noise coming from your room.

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