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    Vortex Strikefire 2 is the newest offering without obscurity and useless features and a pretty scope for both professionals and beginners. Indubitable, Vortex is gaining a reputation for their wide range of optics, while basing priorities in the right place. Still, with the foundation of the heart of Wisconsin, Vortex does not let it go to their head. Instead of bragging that their scopes have capricious abilities, they produce world-class optics that are whimsical, dependable, and easy to use. Before we step ahead, you can find more options of the best night vision scopes by visiting https://ballachy.com/best-night-vision-scope/

    The scope is pretty excellent and ideal for shooters who need a total field of view without complications in adjustment methods. Also, the range is perfect for both day and night shooting. For your information, you may think that Vortex Strikefire II is expensive due to its beautiful appearance and features, but it isn't so. The scope is very affordable, which a mid-range for this kind of scope. Let get into details on the vortex strikefire 2 review.

    vortex strikefire 2 review

    Important Features of Vortex Strikefire 2 Review


    Vortex Optics


    1.2 pounds

    Dot Color:


    Eye Relief:


    DOT Size:

    4 MOA

    Special Features:

    Waterproof and Fogproof

    Minimal Parallax Error

    You may have problems with your current scope because of the parallax error that goes beyond maximum measure. That should not worry about you anymore. Vortex sights are known for their impressive ability to mitigate parallax error to zero, making it ideal for drawing shot faster locking target acquisition.

    Though the Strikefire 2's parallax error may be larger than some high-quality models, it is still the right choice for accuracy and perfect cheek weld, considering it comes with a more favorable price than its counterparts. The latter uses quite an underlying technology different from other reflex sights to offer you what some deems impossible.

    Comes With Cantilever Mount

    Vortex strike fire 2 goes the extra mile to combine modernity and skills for a better scope. So what do you know about cantilever mount? Well, cantilever mount is very common to hybrid optics and allows extra space on your track for more shooting gears such as intensity glass and a magnifier. Besides, this feature is only for the Vortex Strikefire 2 and no other models of Vortex like the vendors.

    Though you cannot expect super quality mounts when purchasing budget optics, the cantilever mount on Vortex strike fire is something superficial. Unfortunately, the mount on Vortex is not as durable as we may wish it to be, but it can serve you for quite a long period if you are not using the optics on the high-recoil rifle.

    Red/ Green Dot Grid

    You need optics that help to lock zero with ease and efficiency. Red dots are familiar with hybrid scopes, so it isn't a surprise that Vortex is slowly embracing the technology. Vortex Strikefire 2 comes with 4 MOA Red/Green Dot optimal for diverse situations that require split-second zero acquisition.

    Furthermore, the vortex stikefire red dot offers you a chance to choose among the ten different illumination settings in both dark and light environments. Interestingly, the last two parameters are meant only for night-vision compatibility.

    I think the reason we all love the new Vortex Srikefire 2 is its ability to keep both your eyes open. That gives you the advantage of high peripheral vision, which is very critical for locking your target.  As soon as you see Vortex Strikefire red dot, don't hesitate to take your aim.

    Windage Adjustment

    Speaking of literal adjustments with the incorporation of elevation, the Vortex Strikefire brings another taste of the same. The Strikefire II red dot blends elevation and adjustment dials with audible clicks.

    Every single dial is to cause an impact on the minute of impact (MOA). The half MOA will be equivalent to ½ inch at 100 yards, ¼ inch at 50 yards, etcetera. So, how can you adjust the windage settings? It is straightforward with these steps.

    • Remove the click covers
    • Use a coin or a screwdriver to make some adjustments
    • Follow the direction of the arrow on the dial to turn the change. Now you can move the dial to the course of your wish.

    Crisp Glass And Dot

    If you observe, you will find that Vortex Strikefire II has a relatively wide lens of about 30mm. So what is the benefit of sharp glass and dots? That query brings us back to the Srikefire red dot. The sharp MOA is faster and better for target acquisition at quite a short-range.

     The point and shooting style of smaller dots is much better for longer range shots. The glass in Vortex Strikefire 2 is a massive improvement from its sister strike fire one because it solves the challenge of dimness and too much bright light during the day.

    6000-7000 Hours Battery Life

    First of all, let begin by pointing out that the Vortex Strikefire is not ideal for Home Defense Situations because it lacks standard reliability and durability. With that out of the way, we can confidently pinpoint the super vortex strikefire battery.

    These batteries are ‘always on’ function to power the performance of the optics. They are so reliable to use and also are meant to favorable compete with the best varieties in the market. With up to 7000 hours of CR2 battery life, you can be sure to enjoy your outdoor trips without much inconvenience.

    Moderate Durability

    Vortex strikefire 2 red dot is quite much durable than its predecessors. It is durable enough for home-defense or other occupational applications. At the same time, the scope has a superb material and superb design. Since its creation, Vortex Strikefire is emerging as a unique scope able to fit in different scenarios with fewer limitations.

     Sometimes durability goes hand in hand with care and maintenance. I f you want the optics to last long, you have to ensure maintenance issues are in place. Besides, the durability of Strikefire 2 may vary from person to person, considering that a lot of people own Vortex these days.


    • Comes with a long-lasting battery with top performance and reliability.
    • Superb price with amazing features under one roof.
    • Auto turn off after 12 hours ensuring the preservation of the battery.
    • You can choose your taste between red and green dot
    • Easy to lock zero due to the red/green dot
    • Easy windage and elevation adjustment without any background limitations.



    1. Is the Vortex Strikefire 2 any good?

    I would recommend this scope for a variety of users, both professional and beginners. Whilst not boosting the bells and whistles of hybrid and more expensive scopes. Vortex Strikefire 2 comes with indubitable indispensable features that are unusual on a range at such a fantastic price. The scope may be ideal for beginners because of its simple design that allows you to focus on what matters.

    That helps them improve their skills rather than messing around with trash of fancy scopes. That said, I cannot shy away from recommending the scope to experienced marksmen. The strike fire 2 is a fully-featured scope that well blends with your experience to help you shot well. Furthermore, the no-nonsense buildup of the scope ensures it does hardly go wrong.

    2. Is Vortex Strikefire II Parallax-free?

    The whole story of Strikefire 2 may rotate around the absolute error of parallax error. The strike fire 2’s parallax error may be larger than some of the supermodels that are more expensive, but the error is not much significant to worry. For the price, it is an excellent optics where you can find optimal accuracy without any perfect cheek weld.

    Besides, research shows that the apparent shift of the angle of seeing of Vortex strike fire 2 is quite smaller than more expensive models. But if you are serious about parallax error, a holographic sight will do you right since it has a more underlying technology to satisfy your taste. Such models may give you less parallax error than vortex strikefire 2.

    3. Which Is Better: Vortex Sparc or Strikefire?

    We can start by pointing out that the Vortex strike fire is the latest model than its sister. That means it may feature some new specs, but the two go hand in hand. While Sparc is a more expensive model, strike fire is cheaper, almost half the price of its counterpart. About performance, Vortex boasts a better glass and lens coating than strike fire.

    Also, the height of Vortex is meant for the AR platform and cannot be mounted very low, unlike the strike fire. On the other hand, Strikefire boasts more settings and green/red dots to choose from. To summarize, comparing the two models would be quite severe because it is like comparing an expensive supercar with a cheaper SUV full of amazing features.

    Final Verdict

    Overall, vortex optics strikefire 2 is impressive and rectifies some of the challenges we saw in strike fire 1. We can deem strike fire II as one of the best mid-range scopes to be tested, for the simple reason that it does the basics well. Though Vortex maybe not popular as the Aimpoint Pro, it also deserves the respect of a more durable scope.

    Fitting the range to a rifle is effortless, and once in place, it will lock zero for ages. In the race of manufacturers to come up with impressive optics, we easily forget such simple functionality. The model is ideal for night shooting and will give you many years of reliable services. Hope you enjoy this vortex strikefire 2 review.

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