What Is A Good Acoustic Guitar?


    Selecting the most suitable guitar is always a matter of issue for both beginners and professional guitarists. Notably, beginner guitarists are always confused about choosing a guitar with a reasonable budget and easy use. Here, in this article, we will discuss “the best acoustic guitars for beginner.”

    The choice of a beginner guitarist firstly depends on his budget and then the style he plays with. In this list of the best acoustic guitar for beginners, you will find the best guitars that you would like to use. So, read the article thoroughly and select the best one for yourself.

    Our Top Picks Of Good Acoustic Guitar

    What Is A Good Acoustic Guitar

    Many people question about what is a good acoustic guitar for beginners. Here is the list of our top picks for beginner guitarists. Let’s dive into the details.

    Epiphone DR-100

    It is the most suitable guitar for beginners who are low on budget. Though there are many guitars with much lower prices than this one, they will not satisfy your thirst for music. You can buy an Epiphone DR-100 between a ranges of 150 to 180 US dollars.

    This guitar has a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, giving it a professional and attractive look. The rosewood fingerboard increases the quality and sweetness of the sound. The neck is also made of mahogany wood with dark brown color that increases the joy.

    Yamaha FG-800

    Yamaha FG-800 is almost similar to Epiphone DR-100 except that it is a bit expensive. The price of Yamaha FG-800 ranges between 200 to 280 US dollars. It also has a spruce top like the previous one, which is the quality of the best acoustic instruments.

    To boost the low-end sound, it has a scalloped bracing feature. Unlike the previous one, it has a walnut fingerboard that increases sound quality a little more. The price is also very reasonable, and even beginners can afford it.

    Martin LX1E Little Martin

    If you are a traveler or you love traveling, Martin LX1E Little Martin is the best pick for you. It has a small size and also a gig bag which keeps it safe while moving. It can prove itself more than a good travel companion once you spend some time with it.

    Never mind the small size of the guitar, as it has nothing to do with the sounds quality. Still, it delivers an exceptional tone and provides a fantastic experience. To connect it to the amplifier, it has a Fishman Sonitone Electronics system installed in it.

    The spruce top is similar to the previous ones. However, the sides and back are rigid high-pressure laminate mahogany that increases the lifetime of the guitar by several years. The neck is rust birch laminate and has a Richlite fingerboard. The price is 500 $.

    Taylor GS Mini

    Are you looking for a guitar for use at home? Here it is. Taylor GS Mini is the best guitar for home use at a very reasonable price. The smaller body of this guitar makes it ideal for home use and for those who love playing guitars while traveling around.

    The first Taylor GS Mini was launched in 2011, and its current market price is almost 500 US dollars. It is something between traveling guitars and those classical ones used at home. It also offers some more exciting features, such as an ebony fingerboard and a Sapele neck.

    It has a superb build quality and also plays perfectly. Taylor GS Mini is specially designed for those beginners who want to enhance their music quality. The ES2 pickup makes it a perfect choice for most professional guitarists. However, you have to struggle to find this guitar.

    Epiphone inspired by Gibson J-45

    If you have been interested in guitars since a few years ago, you would know about the high prices of Gibson-45. However, the prices have recently fallen from 2000 US dollars to 700 US dollars. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have always dreamt of Gibson-45.

    It is almost similar to Epiphone DR-100 when we talk about its neck and body material. However, it has a more ancient look which makes it look more attractive. It has an Indian Laural fingerboard and Includes Fishman Sonicore Electronics.

    Gibson J-45 has all solid wood construction and a fantastic value. However, it has one drawback, or we can say that it would be better if it had a rosewood fingerboard. It is often seen on the shoulders of many well-known players such as Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What Is A Good Type Of Acoustic Guitar?

    The best acoustic guitar for a beginner is the one with premium quality wood and strings to give the best sound. Epiphone DR-100 is the best example of such a guitar with the lowest price. If you are looking for a highly expensive guitar, Gibson SJ-200 Deluxe is the best choice.

    2. How Do I Choose An Acoustic Guitar?

    To choose an acoustic guitar, check the quality of wood used and also the strings. The fingerboard and the electronics installed also matters a lot. Moreover, the style and look of the guitar also shows how professional the guitarist is.

    3. How Much Is A Decent Acoustic Guitar?

    You can get a decent guitar within the price range of 200 to 1000 US dollars. Though guitars expensive than these are also available, they might be too large in size. On the other hand, you can also get a guitar below 200 US dollars, but they are of no use for a professional guitarist.

    Final Words

    This was all about the best acoustic guitar for a beginner. We provided you with the five best guitars with affordable prices and mind-blowing features. A beginner should get a guitar that produces the best sound to motivate the guitarist.

    However, if the guitar can’t provide pleasure to the guitarist, he would definitely leave it. So read the article thoroughly and select the best guitar for yourself. If you are still stuck somewhere, feel free to contact us through the comment section.

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