Which Should You Choose Rather: A Low Bed Vs High Bed Frame


    A bed is a magnificent and charming place. You come home after a tiresome and hectic day and immediately seek your bed to take a rest. If you are happy, you lay your back on the bad and giggle joyfully. Such is the charisma of a mattress, more particularly a proper height bed.

    Having a bed with improper height is a nightmare. It restricts you from a sound sleep and makes your daytime the worst. Consequently, the debate between which you should choose rather, a low bed vs high bed frame never ends. But today, the discussion is going to be over for once and all as I shed lights on the disputable issue.

    So, read out the article to know which one you should choose.

    low bed vs high bed

    Why is the height of a bed so critical?

    Before we head to the main discussion about the high and low bed frame, it is essential to understand why bed height gets so much importance. Firstly, a proper heightened bed goes a long way to determine the appearance of your home. Secondly, the bed height is responsible for a comfortable sleep.

    People sleeping in a bed or sofa with improper height suffer from body stains and pains for a long time. Cases are not rare where a perfectly healthy person has complained about his disconcerting sleep and pain. Later it was revealed that most of them had slept either on a too low or a too-high bed for their comfort zone and body height.

    Hence, for sound sleep and fresh body after a long tiring day, the perfect height of your bed matters the most. So, let’s take a step further to find out high or low bed -which you should prefer.

    Low bed frame: Advantages and disadvantages

    • The low bed frame looks contemporary and modern. These days people seek a minimalistic appearance, and the flatbed frame adds that kind of minimalistic and fresh aesthetics in your room.
    • Low beds are safe, particularly if you have a child or pet. Even if I fall from a bed (Oh Jesus! I wish it never happens), I would love falling from a low-profile bed. People with proneness of injury would like to sleep on a low-height bed instead of a high bed frame. After all, safety matters. These are also potentially preferable bed frames for a couple, due to their less-noisy feature.
    • A low bed frame restricts people from storing their things underneath the bed. I have seen people storing their already read magazines, old school prom dresses, and even women keeping their used makeup boxes beneath the bed. A low height bed disallows people to store these unnecessary things and turns it into a blessing. And it’s a sweet blessing.
    • Nowadays, squatting is a new trend in town. Unfortunately, taking squat lessons from a gym or learning how to stretch leg is a costly investment. How sad! Instead, use your low frame bed to squatting up and down for a healthy exercise. And it’s a cost-free workout!
    • However, low-profile beds have some disadvantages well. They tend to get dirty with stains more often than not. Secondly, a low bed frame doesn’t look aristocratic (An advantage for a high-profile bed).

    High-Bed frame: Advantages and disadvantages

    • High framed beds have something about them- a classy style wrapped all around them. It’s never outdated. Hence, buyers’ never regretted investing a few more pennies on these high-bed frames to get a King like feel.
    • People who are a late riser, a high bed, works excellently to wake them up almost forcefully. Yes, non-morning people need a kick to get up, and the high-profile bed gives them that kick. Want to know how? In a high frame, bed sleeping people often struggle to reach to the alarms when it rings. So, they have to get down from the bed and reach the alarm to switch off it. In the process, even the laziest person will find himself wake. How about applying the trick for you? Give me high-five when you see it effective.
    • The space beneath your high frame bed may be a life-changing space when you are in short for your closet space. Think in a relaxed mind how beneficial the area under a high-end bed may be to store your bins, baskets, drawers with the necessary equipment. Will you miss it?
    • Have you ever visited a museum? You will instantly notice that all the beds of the King and Queen are high framed. There’s just something inexplicably special about them that you can’t ignore. So, with a high frame bed, feel the royal lineage of a king and queen. It’s a wonderful feeling.
    • All these royal feeling and classy look come at a cost. A high frame bed is generally costlier than the low frame bed. Moreover, if you accidentally fall from the high-profile bed, you may get a severe injury. Hence, these beds are not ideal for your children and pets.

    Summing up!

    Now you have seen the pros and cons of both the high and low frame bed. The above discussion displays that both types of mattresses have their uniqueness and distinctive qualities. Therefore, the decision comes down entirely to your preference.

    But before wrapping up, I would like to draw your attention to a few factors-

    • Older people with deteriorating cartilage are more prone to injury. Similarly, infants have soft limbs. So, they should prefer a high bed. On the contrary, young and adults need not worry about bed height, and thus, a low frame bed is right for them.
    • The height of your bed should correspond to how tall you are. As a thumbnail rule, longer people may choose a bed with 25-inches height and shorter people with a bed of 16-inches height. But then again, it’s not a fixed rule than can’t be changed.

    Now I put the ball in your court to choose between a low bed vs high bed frame. Choose well, sleep better.

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