Most Common Reasons Why All the Rooms In Your House Aren’t Getting Cooled Enough


    An air conditioner is generally consider essential as the temperature rises. There is a good reason for this. While air conditioning is designed to lower the air temperature, it also improves productivity.

    When the temperature gets too warm, production will slow down. It’s a similar effect to sitting in hot sunshine and feeling your energy being zapped.

    Fortunately, a good industrial air conditioning system can resolve the issue. However, these systems should cool every room evenly. If one room is noticeably different in temperature you’ll have to decide what is wrong. There are several possibilities.

    Rooms In Your House Aren't Getting Cold Enough

    Dirty Filters

    Dirty Filters

    Your air conditioning system will have air filters. These remove toxins from the air before it is pumped into the home.

    Of course, if a filter is dirty, it won’t allow adequate air through. This will prevent the system from working properly and mean that one room or section of your property is cooler.

    Windows Are Open

    Windows Are Open

    For an air conditioner to be effective it needs to be cooling a space by itself. This allows it to remove the air and replace it with cooler air. The moment you open a window and allow the hotter air in from outside the air conditioner will struggle to do its job properly.


    You can have leaks in the air ducts. This is one of the most common issues as the ducts are comparatively fragile. A leak will stop the cool air from going where it should go and help to maintain the temperature in the room. That’s not desirable.

    You may also discover a leak in the coolant level of your air conditioning system. This will reduce its effectiveness and prevent it from cooling your home properly.


    Don’t forget to check the thermostat, especially if you have a different unit in each room. It is possible that the thermostat hasn’t been set as low as you thought it had. The best way to check the thermostat is to turn the knob down and listen for a click. This tells you the temperature in the room and you can compare it to a thermometer to see how close it is.

    Closed Vents

    Don’t forget to take a moment to check the actual vents in the system. Vents allow air movement which is essential if you are trying to cool or heat a room. Without the right vents open the air conditioning will be fighting a losing battle.


    If none of the above issues seem to be causing the problem then you’ll need to look at the balance. A perfectly balanced system is designed to heat and cool every room in your house to the same temperature at the same time.

    To enable this the size of the ducts and vents is altered, larger pipework is used to ensure the cooler air gets to the rooms further away at the same time as those next to the unit.

    If one room isn’t balanced then it will need to be assessed and the repair done by a professional.

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