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Why Electric Scooter Can Take Over The World As Commuter


    Have you ever tried to go for work on a bike, cycle or just walk with all the people in the city? It is fun I can assure you. You get to see the world a little better and the way to the office does not feel daunting for what comes next. But walking may drain you out before you hit the office.

    Then let me tell you a better way that will let you enjoy your way to the office more than ever. If that is a commuter scooter the fun gets doubled as it is fast and compact. You barely have to worry about where to keep it. Let’s get to know about this fun thing a little more.

    Electric or kick scooter?

    Kick scooter:

    The kick scooter is the commuter scooter that you ride by standing on its platform and kicking with your back foot off the ground. After getting the speed you no more need to kick the scooter. With this, you will reach your destiny two-three times faster than you would by walking. It also does not drain you as much as walking. This kick scooter for commuting would be better if you are in a budget and do not have to go too far.

    Electric scooter:

    It’s just a scooter that is the motorized scooter to help you go to your destination faster. Without any kick, you will reach your destiny in minutes. A basic electric scooter goes 15 to 18 mph by pressing the throttle. You are actually driving a motor vehicle that requires a driving license in some states. So it’s pretty evident that electric scooter is better for a long way and long-term use. Let’s get to know why electric scooter is good for commuting.

    Greener commuter

    First thing’s first, we all have done enough harm to this mother earth. It cannot bear anymore. We all should opt for some better replacements so that it can help. Even if it’s just you let the change start from you. The electric scooter runs with battery that is a renewable energy. So no more harming the world with the waste that we create or oil that we are burning. You are not leaving a carbon footprint in the world. Seeing you going to work with commuter scooter for adults may influence your family to do that too. Who knows that’s how we can make the change!

    Never stuck in traffic

    If you live in a busy city and your workplace is strict about punctuality then you faced traffic in a humiliating manner. It gets frustrating, boring and angering at some point when no vehicle is moving. If you look at those idly moving cars you will know that only one or two people are sitting there. Those cars are taking so much space yet bring one or two people for work. Isn’t it ineffective? If you used scooter for commuting it wouldn’t let you down. You do not have to stop for traffic. You are not even responsible for taking too much space that causes traffic.

    Cost-effective commuter

    What do you use for going to office now? Some people go using bus or uber. Neither of these are as convenient as an electric scooter. In uber you have to spend $30 to $50 per day. If you save some money it’s possible to buy the best electric scooter and you will not need to spend so much. You will find a small space near your office to park the scooter. This small commuter will not cost much money for parking either. Intrigued to get to know more about an electric scooter? Go to ScooterInside to have a look, you will be amazed at all the options.

    The popularity of electric commuter scooter

    You will be amazed to know that in the US electric scooter is so popular that it’s a profitable industry there. The business that goes around hiring an electric bike is worth 1 billion dollars. And it's just the hiring part. There are thousands of people using an electric scooter for work every day - and kid's scooters are becoming increasingly popular too. You may have already seen them inroads passing the traffic like winners. So it’s time you take steps to popularize this beneficial commuter in your country.

    How do I pick a good scooter as my commuter?

    To pick the best first of all select a good electric scooter. Then go for the principle stuff like battery, mileage, and tires. Here’s what’s best for an electric scooter. If you are interested to see some of our best picks as scooters go to scooter inside with all the best attributes.


    Look for batteries with larger capabilities. Batteries with more power will be able to take you to your destiny in one go without having to look for a place to charge. Also, look for brands that have safety management for battery parts. Because mostly lithium batteries are powerful but combustible. You do not want to face an accident while charging your scooter.

    Dual motors:

    It’s better to get a good scooter that has a dual motor. Once in a while, you will use this fun thing for going somewhere. The dual-motor helps the scooter to climb higher hills. For that moment of fun, you must have it.

    Replacement tires:

    Safety is our prime concern no matter what vehicle we use. Replacement tires are going to make sure the safety for you. You can overlook performance-enhancing features because those are not much necessary. Those are more for attracting customers and makes the scooter bulky.

    Final thoughts:

    Yes, it’s absolutely best to use the scooter as a commuter for work. If you cannot afford to buy a car yet it’s absolutely best to have it. It’s not too expensive, safe and fast. You have to practice after you buy your first ever electric scooter. Know safety measures and practice at home first. Make office going exciting with this little step.

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