Why Is Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining? Ways To Fix It!


    Frigidaire dishwasher is an economical and efficient dishwashing machine. It is both an electrical and plumbing dishwashing machine. Technology has really taken revolution in the kitchen sector too. With this technology, someone can multitask. This technology has really helped to do dishes faster as it saves on time.

    Frigidaire dishwasher has the following components on the front view: control panel, timer, access panel, door gasket, drain hose and at rare view it got pump assembly, water inlet, drain hose, fill tube and insulator. When using the Frigidaire dishwasher you should always follow the safety rules and its installation rules. In addition to this, you should know how to maintain it properly so as to avoid drainage failure.

    Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining

    Why Is Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining?

    It is really annoying when you find that your Frigidaire dishwasher has got drainage failure issues and it cannot drain its residual water. This makes the dishwasher smell really bad and unbearable. All this may result due to the following circumstances in the drainage system:

    Blockage of the drainage hose

    Usually this is caused by food debris blockage. The clogged drain hose because blockage thus Frigidaire dishwasher fails to drain.

    Faulty timer- faulty timer may also causes Frigidaire dishwasher not to drain as it always controls the motor and drains solenoid thus causing a blockage at the drainage system.

    Failure of the garbage disposer

    When a faulty occurs when installing the Frigidaire dishwasher's garbage disposer drainage becomes a problem. Thus we should install garbage disposal well so as to enhance there is good drainage in the system. This can be solved by hiring an experienced technician to do the installation.

    Faulty of the check ball

    The check ball always prevents the backflow of water in the check valve of Frigidaire dishwasher. Sometimes the dishwasher really drains out its residual water but due to faulty of the check ball, there is a backflow of the water from the dishwasher.

    Blocked drainage basket

    The drainage basket gets blocked when food debris is prevented to go through the filters. This away common and occurs more frequently thus preventing drainage from taking place.

    Faulty of the drain valve

    As you know the drain valve always allows residual wastewater to get out of the dishwasher and also ensure there is no backflow of the wastewater back to the dishwasher. Therefore sometimes food debris blocks the drain valve thus prevents wastewater from exiting the dishwasher.

    Ways to Fix It

    In life, there is no problem without a solution to it. There is a remedy to deal with all these gaps as shown below:

    Failure of the garbage disposer

    When installing it for the first time you must hire experienced personnel to install it for you and make sure it's working appropriately. This may result in a problem because the drain tube of garbage disposer may contain solid plugs that cause a blockage. To fix this you can remove the plug to check if the drainage problem is fixed. If no you can remove the drain hose and wash the garbage disposer joints and also the food chopper.

    Clean the blocked drainage basket

    To fix this you have drained the stacked water manually so as to remove the food debris, and pieces of glass on the drainage basket. If drainage is still a problem you can proceed by opening the drainage basket so as to clean the filters.

    Check ball

    To prevent the backflow of wastewater from the dishwater we can fix this by oiling or lubricating the check ball so as to free it.

    Replacement of the Timer

    For a faulty timer the only remedy to this is to replace it.  One can carry a test to check if his or her timer is defective. This is when the current gets into the timer but fails to indicate current out.

    Troubleshooting drain valves

    Drain valves prevent the backflow of wastewater. To troubleshoot the faultiness of the drain valves one has to remove and clean the dirt in the valve. If that does not work you just need to buy a new valve so as to prevent the backflow of the wastewater. However so as to know if your valve is faulty you have to fill water in your dishwasher and you try to drain it and if it drains and it does not close it is faulty.

    Fixing the drain hose

    Puncture in the drain hose can be fixed by replacing it with a new one in case it has developed a kink. However, if it is just a blockage one can clean the drain hose.

    To reset your Frigidaire dishwasher you have to press the cancel button for at least three seconds until display lights disappear.

    Replacing damaged pumps

    We should replace damaged pumps. When you realize that the dishwasher completes a cycle without draining off dirty water and the dishes are incompletely clean, that is when you will know the drainage pump is bad. Therefore you should replace such pumps with immediate impact.


    Frigidaire dishwasher has really helped to make work easier when doing dishes. Trying to troubleshoot all these problems sometimes is hard and really tiresome. Sometimes it much costly and requires a lot of money and experienced personnel. Repairs always require money and technician who really knows how to fix that problem. Once knowing the problem fixing it will be much easier provided that you got enough tools, enough time, energy and the skills.

    Frigidaire dishwasher should always be serviced so as to ensure it is working effectively. Another issue is that you should always keep the drainage basket clean so as it does not block the filters. This is done by cleaning the filters with hot water, soapy water and scrub them thoroughly with the sponge. Without forgetting you should always follow the instruction written in the manual. This is to ensure safety measures are adhered to. Frigidaire dishwasher should always be installed at the kitchens.

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