Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Garage Door


    When you are a homeowner, you are faced with a lot of repair and maintenance work. The garage door does not always come at the top of the list for many when it comes to maintaining. This is mainly due to the fact some people think that if there aren’t any physical and noticeable signs of wear and tear, there is no need for maintenance of the garage door and its components.

    But you must realize that performing some preventative maintenance work every now and then will actually keep the garage door in good condition and save you a lot of money by avoiding expensive repair work. Here are a few tips that will help you to keep your garage door in a better condition.

    Maintain Your Garage Door

    Decay in The Door

    A garage door has many moving parts and you need to make sure that they are all working properly. You need to keep an eye out to see if there is any decay on the door. Wooden doors are mainly affected by this but it might also happen to aluminum doors too. You need to inspect the door to see if there are any signs of damage. Finding any cracks on the wood might mean that the structure and quality of the door have been affected.

    Being exposed to the adverse elements can cause mold to form on your wooden garage door. You need to keep an eye out for this and get rid of the mold from time to time. If you find that the damage is bad enough then replacing the door will be a cheaper and easier option.

    Repairing Faulty Springs

    The garage doors are held in place by two springs that assist in the suspension. These springs will need maintenance as they work together to support the smooth function of the door. A mistake many of us regularly make is not opening the garage door all the way up. Instead, we raise it halfway to save time. This causes undue pressure on the springs resulting in them failing.

    If the springs do not work properly then the door will not operate correctly, leading to expensive repairs. So make sure to completely open the garage door so that both springs can remain functional for longer periods.

    Unfamiliar Whirring Noises

    If you notice any whirring noises or unfamiliar sounds coming from the garage door when you open or close them, do not ignore it. It may be a simple matter of some parts needing lubrication. If the whirring does not stop even after applying the lubricant then you might want to call in a professional repairman to take a look at it and make the necessary repairs.

    When Should You Upgrade Your Door

    Your door is old then you have to consider the necessity of replacing it. If the door is opened manually or with code then you might think of upgrading it. If you have children at home then they might have caused some structural damage to the door by hitting it with a ball or with their bikes. An old door will also need frequent and more expensive maintenance.

    An old or damaged door also harms the aesthetic look of your house. Besides these kinds of garage doors are also hard to repair due to the unavailability of necessary parts for repair. This might prevent you from using your garage and you may have to leave the car trapped inside the garage or out on the streets on a snowy cold morning and not being able to use it when needed.

    A garage door operating on outdated technology will be a hassle for you. So you might want to install a door that is modern and will complement the overall look of your house. For many people, a nice looking garage door adds value to the appearance of the house, so upgrading the garage door to a better-looking one will increase the value of your house too.

    Should You Call A Professional Repairman

    If the door is broken or if you notice a dent on the door, it is wise to call a repairman. You don’t want to risk any serious injury by having the door falling on somebody. Rollers play a vital part in the proper operation of the doors. If your door is operating smoothly then the rollers are doing their work accurately. If it seems strained or makes loud noise then you may need to replace it. If you do need roller garage door repairs then you can always look for a professional company online. It is never a good idea for you to replace these parts by yourself. You can get seriously injured while attempting to do so yourself.

    Why Should You Maintain Your Garage Door Regularly

    You need to have a tuneup of your garage door at least once a year to ensure that it is in top-notch condition. Having regular maintenance work done on your garage door leads to better and safe conditions with a hassle-free experience. It also reduces costs as you are able to avoid major repair work and the need to replace expensive parts. There are a few things that you will need to get done as part of the maintenance works. They are:

    • Check if the springs on the doors to see if it has lost their tension over time and get them re-tensioned if needed.
    • The photo-eye sensors and tracks need to be cleared of excess debris buildup.
    • The moving parts need to be kept smooth by applying lubricants regularly.
    • The spring anchor attachment, bottom fixture, drums, cables, bearing plate, and shafts need to be inspected regularly to see if they are functioning properly.
    • A thorough check of the door and the opener needs to be done by a professional. 


    A garage door is an important part of the house, one which needs to be functioning properly for us to be able to have a hassle-free driving experience. So note the points mentioned in this article to keep your garage door in tip-top condition. You can hire professionals for a more expert level job. So go ahead and make the right choice for a safe and smooth garage experience.

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