It’s said that every individual looks at the world with different standpoints and these philosophies are the sum of our surroundings. Art is known to broaden the horizons of the onlooker and is a dominant influencer that drags people out of their bubble, making them come face to face with the actualities of life.

    It can change the worldview of a person of all age groups, ethnicities, class or gender and hence, is a great equalizer, projecting the same thing unto everyone. Hence, its expansion becomes a priority which led to the creation of visual art encyclopaedias like Wikiart.

    Wiki art is massive documentation of thousands of famous paintings and hundreds of genres birthed by artistic masterminds which allows access to anyone and everyone, allowing them to be a part of this art community. The users are grateful for its digital presence and below are the reasons why they count this blessing twice.

    Perfect for home-schooling

    The youth of today is the tomorrow of the nation and is in constant need of the most reformation. Wiki art comes to their rescue when either their inspiration or enlightenment is scant and paves way for art appreciation by them. Wiki art is a visual learning platform for many non-art students who are art buffs and are looking to satiate that urge to be a part of Van Gogh’s topsy-turvy artistic journey.

    Many students turn to wiki art for comfort in their darkest hours when they fall short of a lecture at Art School and or are in need of a detailed understanding of an artist or a movement for school assignments. The critical analysis given in the description of the painting acts as a visual teacher and gives them enough background to start with.

    No to censorship

    Censorship on any kind of art or media feels like a sin to many and in that light, Wikiart has preserved the inspiring famous paintings of the centuries in their truest and raw forms. Censorship surely robs a painting of what it’s trying to portray consequently, making it bereft of the purpose it was made for.

    Wiki art has taken this into serious consideration and indulges in no censorship whatsoever to its paintings which many users have highly lauded. Users are of the opinion that this feature gives them a complete look inside the brain of the artist and not just a partial one.

    Easy to use

    Wiki art has a user-friendly interface that enables hassle-free usage. Moreover, the site is divided into a plethora of categories so that browsing can be simplified. You can reach a painting through multiple means like from the name of the artist or the time when it was made, the art movement it was mainly part of and even from the art institutions whose walls are adorned by it.

    The aforementioned bifurcation and categorizations make it comfortable for viewers to learn about the type of art styles that prevailed, the ancient techniques used as well as how art has evolved in its genres over time. It also makes it more convenient to sift through various categories to reach their desired paintings. There is also a ’shop’ section at the end of the page from where you can easily buy reproduced artworks.

    Looking for a guarantee? Wiki art has it all

    Many cautious art buyers have applauded the 1st Art gallery, which wiki art directs you to, for its immense authentic services. The reproduction artists who are a fine bunch curate your oil painting in 20-25 business days, ensuring quality in every stroke of a brush.

    The best part is the paintings are backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee as well as a guarantee of their quality for a lifetime. If you’re a fan of freebies, you’ll love the fact that the gallery ships worldwide free of cost and provides a certificate of authenticity as well. For further transparency and trust-building, the samples of the reproduced paintings are provided for the users to look at which confirms the gallery’s commitment to excellence.

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