Top 5 Window Blinds For Summer 2022


    Right now we’re firmly in Spring, but as the weather is getting better it looks like Summer is just around the corner, so now is the time to prepare your home for the sun and excitement of Summer 2021. So today we’ve teamed up with the interior design experts over at looking at the best Window Blinds you can get for your home this summer!

    Window Blinds For Summer

    5. Palermo Sunshine Roller Blind

    Palermo Sunshine Roller Blind

    First up on our list of the best blinds for your home this summer, we have this Palermo Sunshine Roller Blind. Made with dimout fabric in a very Summery colour and available from just £7.50, this is an excellent budget choice for Sun lovers, who still want some natural light in their home!

    Despite being a cheap blind, you’ll notice the quality is excellent, as the blind is made to be ‘wipe-clean’ for easy cleaning and coated in an Anti-Bacterial coating to keep it clean, making it excellent if you have young children.

    4. Cool Blue Double Roller Blind

    Cool Blue Double Roller Blind

    If you’re not sure whether you want blackout or dimout blinds, this is the blind for you. This stylish cool blue Double Roller Blind has both dimout and blackout fabric, allowing you to either let some sun in or completely block off incoming light.

    With a dimout layer and a blackout layer, these are perfect blinds for studio flats or bedrooms that double up as an office as you can use the dimout during the day to let some brightness in and use the blackout at night to keep out light pollution.

    3. Parma Spring Blackout Roller Blind

    Parma Spring Blackout Roller Blind

    Now this is a blind for all the lovers of cute animals and funky patterns, as you can see this Summery blind is covered in a pattern of cute woodland animals and plants. This blind is ‘Wipe Clean’ and also a blackout blind so it would be excellent for a child’s bedroom or a living room for someone still a child at heart!

    This type of roller blind is a more ‘premium’ model compared to the Sunshine roller blind from earlier in this list, with prices starting at £27.60, but the extra cost is more than worth it for a fantastic Summer Window Blind like this!

    2. Binham Beige Day & Night Blind

    Binham Beige Day & Night Blind

    Next up, at the penultimate spot on our list is this sleek and stylish Binham Beige Day & Night Blind, made up of alternating strips of Dimout fabric and see through material on a cassette, allowing you to line the blind up to block out light completely or let some through the see through stripes.

    This is really a fantastic blind for rooms you’ll be using a lot like a living room, as you can let some light in during the day or block out the Sunlight by lining up the stripes. Prices for this blind start at £22.30 making it budget friendly as well as fashion friendly!

    1. Bosa Tangerine Blackout Electric Roller Blind

    Bosa Tangerine Blackout Electric Roller Blind

    Finally, rounding out our list we have this striking Bosa Tangerine Blackout Electric Roller Blind, made with a powerful Orange colour that will evoke summery feelings in you to get you ready for the Summer time.

    This is the most expensive blind on our list with prices starting at £109.80, but that’s because this blind is remote controlled rather than needing a chain to operate, meaning you can keep the Sun out of your eyes without having to get off the sofa!

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