Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review


    In the current world, music is very important to refresh our souls. Music is a refreshment of the soul. There is nothing sweet, motivational, educative and entertaining like music. It is in view of this that how the music is played matters a lot. For singers and Musicians quality in every song is vital. To play this music well, you need an excellent acoustic guitar to accompany you as a singer and the other instruments. The guitar used by most singers, musicians, and bands is the Yamaha fd01s. That's why you should buy this Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review.

    yamaha fd01s review

    Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is a very important instrument recommended by many singers and Music managers. Its quality is what makes it very likable. This Acoustic guitar is manufactured by the Yamaha Company, in a professional way. This guitar is well suited to assure sweet melody when played.

    This quitter is a masterpiece musical instrument. It is made from incredible materials and the arrangement of the strings is well placed. This is to ensure that it produces the right key when played. To know more about this, Yamaha fd01s acoustic guitar, read this review. You will get to realize that indeed, it is the best of the best guitars.

    Details of yamaha fd01s review - Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

    Top material:



    42 x 18.5 x 5.7 inches


    6.15 pounds

    Fingerboard and bridge material:


    Review of Yamaha Fd01s Acoustic Guitar

    We are going to look at the features that make it be considered the best Guitar to opt for. The following are the outstanding features of this guitar.

    Superior Tone and Projection

    The Yamaha FD01S is a premium solid-top guitar with a superior tone.  When plucked it offers a great uniform tone. This is very essential in ensuring the right pitch and tone are followed. It also has a great projection of tones. It is designed in a way that if you pluck it just a little bit it offers a projected tone. This is very essential especially when performing in a large audience. Unlike some guitars which require you to apply a lot of energy, this one you just need a little force.

    Additionally, it comes with a port. With this port, you can connect it to an external speaker to increase audibility. This is especially in a large performance. This will ensure the voices of the singer/musician does not overpower that of the guitar. Therefore, with this guitar, you are assured of a superior tone with high projection.

    Easy to Tune

    Another important factor that is considered in a guitar is the ease of tuning it. Tuning is very important. This is so as to ensure that the guitar is producing the right tone when plucked. This Yamaha fd01s acoustic guitar is very easy to tune. When tuning you will never go wrong. Due to the easy tuning, it makes it be highly reliable. This saves time, especially when preparing for a concert. You just use your little minutes and you are good to go.

    Furthermore, you don't need any external assistance to tune it. The strings are very clear and audible. Hence, you will need to listen carefully and you will have tuned it in the right way. This is unlike other guitars where you need to use external help to tune it e.g. tuning mobile app. In fact, if you are a professional you can use it to tune other instruments.

    Compatible With Other Instruments

    This quitter is compatible with other instruments. This means that it easily goes hand in hand with another instrument. Yamaha guitar fd01s is compatible with these instruments and does not require any adjustments. Talk of the piano, the bass guitar, the drums or even the Vilene. It goes hand in hand with other instruments. This makes it multipurpose. If you are that Band, musician or singer who uses more than one instrument ensure you include this guitar for better performance.

    This is important especially in a band where more than one instruments are used. You can imagine that tone that key, and that beat when they are combined together. You actually will love it. I assure you or sure your performance on the stage will improve.

    Tough & Sturdy Strings

    How do you fill as a guitarist when you play the guitar and then all of a sudden, the string breaks?  You obviously feel very bad and discouraged. This is not the case when it comes to Yamaha fd01s.  The strings are made from very strong materials. This is to ensure it does not break when you pluck it. This improves the confidence for you have no fears about it breaking at any point. Yours will be only to focus on playing that tone you want, without any fear or panic.

    Similar, to other guitars it has 6 strings arranges across. This is from the thickest to the less thick one. The difference comes in when it comes to the arrangement. Unlike others, this Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is well aligned. The distance from one string to another is well measured and well-spaced. This ensures what you play is what you listen.

    Covers Common Chord Ranges

    The quality of a guitar I also determined by the chords it can offer when plucked in the respective ways. The more chords it can play the better I is considered to be. This guitar is able to play all the common chords/notes you want. This is A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, G, and G#. You can play are these chords/notes with great ease. In fact, you will be able to differentiate easily from one note to another. Unlike other guitars which the notes usually have no big difference. With this the difference is notable.

    Nevertheless, you will have to tune the guitar first so that you can comfortably play any key. As we saw that tuning this guitar is very easy. Then after tuning it, you will be able to play any chord/note. It is for this reason you should use this Yamaha fd01s acoustic guitar and you will have a guarantee of a match with your voice.

    Easy To Pluck

    In order to produce the best range of tones, the strings should be easily pluckable. This is to ensure you do not use a lot of energy to pluck it. With respect to the ease of plucking, this guitar is very easy to plug. This is because the strings are made to be smooth and well tightened for projection purposes. I assure you with this guitar you don't need to apply more energy. While plucking the 6 strings.

    Durable Material

    The Solid well-groomed part, the back, and the top are made with the great (Eastern Mahogany). As you all know Mahogany is a very durable Natural tree. It is usually very hard and long-lasting. This makes the guitar to be very durable. The strings are also made from tight material. This makes them durable for a long time of usage. When you purchase one, you will have no fear about it getting damaged.

    We recommend that you get yourself this Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar. This is because it is durable hence, you will be able to use a long time without needing to replace it.

    Highlighted Features

    • Has 6 number of Strings.
    • Top Material Type is Spruce
    • Neck material type is of mahogany
    • It is made for Right-Hand orientation
    • The fretboard is made from Rosewood material
    • This guitar weighs at about 6.15 pounds
    • Similarly, has a Mahogany body material type
    • It is made of Mahogany back material type


    • Provides smooth tones
    • It has increased durability
    • The guitar is very easy to pluck
    • It made of durable materials
    • The frets are well divided for easy plucking
    • It is has a reasonably affordable pricing cost
    • It has a good and nice-looking design
    • Comes with additional accessories to play the guitar
    • Designed with a quality way to be compatible with other instruments


    • It is very fragile
    • Come in only one size

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can one be able to replace the strings?

    Yes, you can easily replace the strings in case of the tear out. This is a very favorable factor even when you want to improve the quality of tones.

    Does it come with a manual guide?

    Yes, it comes with a manual guide. The manual guide is included so as to assist in playing and maintenance. This is very important for beginners.

    Is the Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar package price friendly?

    Yes, this Yamaha fd01s is price friendly. This is to ensure that, you don't break your bank acquiring this guitar.

    Final Verdict

    If you are looking for the best guitar either as a singer, musician, a choir or even a band. You should opt for Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar which assures great quality. This guitar as we have seen is easy to tune, has a superior tone and projection, the strings are tough & sturdy and it is also compatible with other instruments.

    In the similar way you can make your music more real and complete by accessing music composition apps through cloud based PCs such as Citrix Virtual desktop or Azure virtual desktop to store/stream and share your gigs! This makes it suitable for making your music the best. Get yourself a Yamaha fd01s acoustic guitar and you surely will not regret its quality. Hope you love this yamaha fd01s review.

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