How Do You Mount Your TV On The Wall?


    The time has come: you bought a TV wall mount and now you want to mount it on the wall. Of course, you want to sit back and relax on your couch as soon as possible and watch your favorite series!

    How Long Does It Take To Hang Your TV On The Wall?

    Every idol’s TV wall mount has been designed to make installation a breeze. After all, we know very well that you are looking forward to your television experience much more than the assembly. When you open the packaging, you will immediately see that the parts of the wall bracket are arranged in a logical order.

    The simple instructions for use show you step by step which materials you need and when and everything you need is included in the scope of delivery. It typically takes an hour and a half to assemble a wall mount if you mount the TV mount on a traditional concrete or brick wall with the right equipment.

    How Do You Mount Your TV On The Wall

    How Can You Avoid Drilling Into Pipes And Power Cables?

    Countless lines are laid in every house, for example water and gas lines as well as electrical cable ducts. You probably don't know exactly where all these cables are when you start installing your TV wall mount.

    Actually, you shouldn't look for the lines at all, but for places between the lines. And these places are not always where you would expect them to be. There are a few general guidelines that should be mentioned here, but please note that even these are no guarantee of success:

    • It is unlikely that you will encounter gas or water pipes in partition walls, for example between a bedroom and the hallway. However, electrical wiring may very well have been laid in these walls, so please be careful!
    • Sockets provide an indication of the approximate location of the power lines. A proper electrician will lay the cables horizontally and vertically, but you can't always rely on that either. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, which is why power lines sometimes run diagonally through the wall.
    • The simplest solution is to go to the hardware store and buy a cable detector. When you move this device along the wall, it will detect metal pipes and electrical wiring. The effectiveness of this type of device depends on the technology used, the wall thickness and the skill of the user.

    What Tools Do You Need To Assemble A TV Wall Mount?

    The instructions for use for your TV wall mount contain a detailed list of the tools you will need. The following tools are required in any case:

    • Phillips and slotted screwdriver
    • A hammer drill
    • Stone drill bits in the size 5 -10 mm or 4 mm wood drill bits
    • A spirit level
    • A scissors
    • A bar finder
    • A tape measure as well as screw and Allen keys in various sizes.

    How Many People Do You Need To Assemble Your Wall Mount?

    It is easiest if you have two people to assemble the bracket. With four hands it is easier to mount a flat screen TV in the correct position on the wall.

    We Will Help You Further!

    So you're convinced that you want to hang your TV but not sure you can do it on your own?

    It’d tv mounting service los angeles does its best to make installation as easy as possible for you. A comprehensive installation manual and mounting accessories such as screws and dowels are included with every TV wall bracket.

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