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    Ever wonder how YouTube came about? It is a story of humble beginning of some sorts. And I’m going to tell it just the way it is.

    YouTube, a video-sharing platform was born somewhere in 2014 or maybe earlier. What is crystal clear is that it went live on 14th, February 2014. The brains behind this phenomenal site were Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. Since then it has been breaking records and daring new heights with each year. Today, YouTube has been confirmed as the second in pecking order of the sites attracting most visitors on the globe. That is a great achievement and it keeps getting better by the day.

    YouTube Statistics

    YouTube Statistics As At 2021

    About shuttering records, YouTube has been lethal and has no competition in that front. The achievements cannot be told by mere words, therefore let’s take a look at the facts and figures behind this outstanding success story. Be ready to be thrilled and impressed at the same time.

    • The first YouTube went live on 23rd, April, 2005.
    • YouTube users now stand approximately at 1.8 billion, and that is still growing.
    • In every single minute, at least 500 hours of videos are uploaded. That is unbelievably high.
    • In each day, visitors watch a total of 5 billion videos
    • For the age bracket of 18-49 years old, 8 of ten of them watch YouTube videos each month.
    • By the time we clock 2025, half the portion of visitors aged below 32 will not be part of subscription to Pay-TV services.
    • In every 10 people, 6 of them have preference for online videos as opposed to TV
    • Each month, 3.25 billion of hours are watched on YouTube.
    • A bunch of 10,113 YouTube videos received in excess of a billion views.
    • Of all the viewers, 80% of them are from the US.
    • Mobile videos views average around 500 million each day
    • Mobile viewers’ average sessions last for not less than 40 minutes which increases by 50% each year.
    • Male viewers claim the lion’s share at 62% while their female counterparts come a distant second at 38%.
    • Viewers percentages by age: 18-24 years, 11 percent; 25-34 years, 23 percent; 35-44 years, 16 percent; 45-54 years, 16% percent; 50-64, 8%; 65 and above, 3%, Unknown, 14%.
    • Over 50% traffic is from mobile users
    • YouTube revenue grew up by 2x/y/y
    • No cable network beats YouTube when it comes to reaching to those aged between 18 and 49.
    • Each year, the number of people watching YouTube videos grows by a whopping 60%.
    • YouTube comes in 76 languages and that is over 95% of what the internet population speaks.
    • At least 9% of small businesses in the US are on YouTube

    YouTube Company Financials Statistics

    Talking financially, where does YouTube stand? Here you go

    • A year of operating and maintaining YouTube cost $6.35 billion
    • Google alone got a revenue of $4,000,000
    • 6% of Google ad sales come from Youtube
    • Starting 2007, YouTube’s payment to right holders is $1,250,000,000
    • In November 2006, Google paid YouTube $1.6 billion
    • In November 2005, Sequoia Capital put in $11.5 million into YouTube
    • For the last 3 years revenue for partners increased by 50%
    • In 2015, the highest earning YouTuber earned $4.5 million
    • Daniel Middletone is the highest earning partner who pocketed $16.5 million in 2017
    • Ryan ToysReview was the youngest YouTube star at 6 years in 2017 and $11 million in the same year
    • For channels earning 6 figures from Youtube, their number increased 50%.
    • YouTube advertisers increased by 40%. And the top 100 advertisers  each increased their spending by 60%

    Fun Facts You should know about YouTube

    • A third of internet users are attracted to it by YouTube
    • Gangnam style almost crashed YouTube due to its popularity
    • YouTube literally claims the second spot in the rank of search engines
    • In Germany, you cannot view almost 60% of the most popular videos on YouTube
    • “Baby” Justin Beiber’s video got more than 10 million dislikes
    • Viewers will leave a video if it does not interest them within the 10 second of opening it.

    Now you know all the numbers, YouTube Statistics. All those resource are collected from online research. Hope you like it.

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